How Smart Banners™ Help You Display Personalized Messages Automatically (and Why it Matters)

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Ever walk into one of your favorite stores, get greeted by name, and find everything you want to buy ready and waiting for you on the shelves? It feels good, doesn’t it, knowing you’re getting that extra personalized treatment from the start.

That sort of customer experience used to be common, and while shopping online and using eCommerce stores makes things easier, some of that personalization got lost along the way.

But not anymore.

It used to be a dream for marketers to take the level of 1:1 personalization you’d get at your local mom-and-pop shop and scale it to thousands of customers. Now, with Smart Banners™, you can. 

The campaign decision engine at work

If you want to send anything remotely personalized, marketers know that means segmenting and testing…and segmenting your list. That takes time and energy, and if you have a lot of cross-over, your dashboards may be a never-ending scroll of various segments and A/B tests. 

If that feels frustrating, you’re right. And there’s a better way to do it. With Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine, we do the heavy lifting for you. Every time you send an email, the AI-powered tool will use customer data to determine the best personalized Smart Banner™ to send each person on your list automatically (and within milliseconds).

smart banner decision engine

All you need to do is hook up your data sources to the platform. Add a snippet of code into your templates, and set your customer parameters. For example:

  • The customer who has items left in their cart gets an abandonment banner. 
  • The customer who just ordered gets a shipping tracking banner. 
  • Customers who need re-engagement can get a discount, flash sale, or a special event at their local store.
  • If someone on the list doesn’t meet any parameters, the banner shrinks to an invisible pixel.

All that sorting and personalized messaging is done for you.

Personalization is the name of the game

We know this. The data shows it. So, finding ways to stand out from the competition often means leaning more into providing your readers with personalized content and messaging. 

You may get ignored if you don’t have a way to do that at scale. Smart Banners™ offer an individualized experience to your customers that engages them and drives more action — which, in turn, helps boost revenue. 

thrive email with smart banner

It worked for Thrive Causemetics. The beauty brand partnered with Zembula to add Smart Banners™ into their email campaigns and saw a 10% to 17% lift in revenue on emails that used personalized banners. 

With over a dozen options in the message pool, you have plenty of options to add to the mix for unique personalization strategies.

Don’t forget about customer experience

Another huge factor driving customer engagement is the experience they get interacting with your brand. Today, this goes beyond just shopping in-stores or online; you need to think about the omnichannel experience

Customers want a consistent experience from your brand regardless of how or where they shop. So you need to be able to use email personalization to compliment some of your other channels, too, from social to SMS marketing.

screenshot of smart banners used by city mattress in email marketing

City Mattress used Zembula’s Smart Banners™ to help them achieve their goal of providing a better customer experience through personalized emails. And it worked. 

Through a targeted message pool of Smart Banners™ on non-sales emails, City Mattress has seen the emails with banners were their top-performing, increasing customer engagement and improving their experience.

A winning combination

Finding ways to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace is challenging. But, taking an approach that benefits both your customers and your brand can help you get there, and using Smart Banners™ is a way to do it.

With more personalized content, engaging emails, and improved message visibility, you can ensure your most critical messages have staying power. And, by adding more dynamic emails to your campaigns, you’ll be able to learn more about your customers, which helps you deliver better and more personalized messaging. 

Get in touch if you’re ready to do more with your emails, improve your customer experience, increase engagement, and drive revenue. We’d love to set you up with a demo and show you how you can make the Zembula platform work for your brand.

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