5 Ways to Use Image Personalization to Wow Your Customers

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Personalized emails get more traction from your customers. In fact, it’s an experience that they find increasingly important. The numbers prove it; research shows 80% of customers are more likely to buy from brands that offer personalized experiences. The same study showed 90% of consumers indicated they like the idea of brands personalizing content.

Using personalized images in email is a way to give your customers unique animated gifs and pictures based on their behaviors and data. The exciting thing about using personalized imagery is there are unlimited possibilities. Go beyond the simple stuff like first names, and level up. Create coupon codes, special deals, featured products, and customer loyalty information. 

If you want to find a new way to engage your customers and capture their attention, this is the way to do it.

Feature product recommendations

Another way to help your brand stand out is with personalized product recommendations. Using your customer’s past transaction history means it’s easy to create emails that recommend products already related to what you know they love to buy. Send them special emails letting them know when a product they love is back in stock, or a new flavor has arrived on the scene.

Couple those recommendations with product ratings and reviews to pack even more of a punch. Consumers are much more likely to buy when they see ratings and reviews, so don’t forget to include them in every product email you send.

Celebrate special dates

It doesn’t get more personalized than a birthday or anniversary, does it? Capitalize on that. Celebrating special dates is an easy way to use image personalization in your emails and get an ROI for your brand in return. Research shows birthday emails generate much higher clicks, transaction, and revenue rates compared to regular emails.

With image personalization, you can do more than send a friendly email. You can include animated gifs and customized images unique to your customer. For added impact, throw in a special gift or coupon code. Don’t forget other special dates, such as anniversaries or when your loyalty program members hit important milestones.

Highlight abandoned carts

Reengagement is always a big focus for brands. We all know most of the people who visit your website won’t complete a transaction. But, it’s worth putting effort into getting those who thought about buying to finish the process. One way to do that is by sending effective abandoned cart emails.

Personalized abandoned cart data can help. What’s more, using Smart Banners ensures any email turns into one that provides updates and information. Beyond highlighting abandoned cart info, add countdown timers and unique coupon codes to entice your shoppers.

Promote upcoming sales

You already know planning a successful holiday season campaign is a big deal. But that doesn’t mean you can’t promote what’s going on with your brand year-round. Rather than sending out a standard sale email, which may get ignored, make it personalized and drive customers to take action.

There are a couple of fun ways to do this. Give your customers a personalized coupon code to thank them for being a loyal shopper, provide bonus points to your loyalty members, include countdown clocks to trigger a bit of FOMO, or showcase your nearest location for special in-store deals.

Share account information

Image personalization can also be a useful way to give your customers insights into their account information in a new and interesting way. Throw out the boring, and bring your emails to life.

Animate bank statements, account data, and loyalty points to show your customer not only where they stand now but the progress they’ve made over the years. It’s a great way to engage your customers and tap into a bit of gamification to help ensure they will keep clicking on your emails in the future. 

Add image personalization to your marketing today

These are just a handful of ways you can start utilizing more personalized images and animations in your emails. Curious about what else you can do with image personalization? Get in touch. One of our email experts would be happy to have a chat and explore your options.

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