How Smart Blocks™ Make Email Personalization Easier

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Personalization matters more than ever. But, it’s not always easy to accomplish at scale. If you have a large list, your team probably doesn’t have the time, energy, or expertise to manually update content, tweak code, or endlessly segment. 

And even if they do, you want them to use their time for better purposes, creating strategy, improving customer experiences, and generating more conversions.

With Zembula, you can do both. The platform makes it easy to personalize at scale — it’s all done automatically — leaving your marketing team more time to work on everything that moves the needle. 

Here’s how Smart Blocks™ help take email personalization to new levels. 

Create individualized emails in a snap

Imagine setting your emails up and never having to go back in and edit HTML. Sounds nice, right? With Zemubla, it’s just that easy. 

And using Smart Blocks™ is where you have the opportunity to really dig into your customer’s personal needs and interests to create a tailored email experience.

Pull zero-party data from your customers and then combine that with their purchasing, browsing, and consumer behavior to create 1:1 level individualization in every email you send.

You don’t need to segment your emails because every reader on your list will get content that speaks directly to them. This helps ensure every email has some form of hyper-personalization that helps increase engagement and conversions. We call it performative personalization. It uses data-driven customer insights to create a more tailored experience that drives revenue-generating opportunities.

From promotional information, product recommendations, user-generated ratings and reviews, and loyalty data, every time they open their email, Smart Blocks™ display the most up-to-date personalized details available.

While Smart Banners™ are often geared toward driving revenue, our clients use Smart Blocks™ to add extra layers of personalization to every email.

And, since Smart Blocks™ can feature personalized animation, including rotating product images and reviews, you’ve got a world of eye-catching images to capture reader attention and drive action.

That includes using a name everywhere approach to showcase your reader’s name in more areas of the email. When you can do that with every Smart Block™, it offers even more opportunities to demonstrate value and capture awareness.

Automation makes everything easier

Automation is a secret weapon for marketers, especially when it comes to personalization in email. Getting started with the Zembula platform is simple:

  • Set your email templates
  • Hook up your data sources
  • Set your display rules
  • Add a snippet of code

From there, we take care of the rest. Our AI-powered Campaign Decision Engine runs through customer data and your parameters and picks the best personalized Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ to drive more engagement.

With that part done for you, your team can focus on analyzing customer data and building campaigns that best reach their interests and meet their needs. That attention to detail can improve their overall experience, from their first visit to post-purchase interactions. 

Let Zembula do the heavy lifting

With the Zembula platform, you can get so much more from your emails. Built-in personalization, improved customer experience, and more engagement — all done for you automatically.

That makes your job not only easier but more effective and efficient. You don’t have to waste hours running through error-prone manual processes. Instead, it’s all done for you. 

Sound like a dream come true? We’d love to show you how your brand can start seeing a 10-17% lift in revenue like some of our clients. To learn more, get in touch. We’ll have you chat with one of our email marketing experts to show you the ins and outs of the Zembula platform.

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