Customer Experience is the New Battleground for Brands

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In today’s market, customers have options. If your brand isn’t working for them, they can move on and choose another. So, you must do more to stand out — going above and beyond to ensure your customer experience beats the competition.

Customer experience is an essential aspect of marketing. It helps brands stand out in a competitive market, build consumer trust and loyalty, and drive long-term business success. If you ignore customer experience, then it can impact your reputation and drive customers away.

A critical part of customer experience is how your brand communicates; personalization remains pivotal. To maintain your customer base and continue to grow moving forward performative personalization matters. Personalization just for the sake of it won’t have the same impact as carefully crafted personalized elements that drive performance.

So here’s how to approach customer experience from an email marketing perspective.

Consumers demand individualized experiences 

Consumers are digitally savvy and know what they want. So brands have to keep up and move beyond the bare minimum. Minor personalization tactics such as name personalization are a great start, but it’s just a start. You need to incorporate personalization beyond a name

For consumers, personalized messaging and communication from brands are critical. It impacts everything from the brands they trust to the products they buy, which, in turn, drives conversions and revenue. 

Check out some of the data:

  • About half of buyers have made impulse buys after a more personalized experience.
  • Predictions are that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator in the coming years.
  • Over 66% of companies primarily compete based on customer experience, nearly double from 2010. 
  • About 33% of customers will leave a brand after one bad experience, and over 90% will move on after two or three negative interactions. 

Not focusing on personalization hurts the bottom line. The brands going all in on creating individualized customer experiences at scale will win. So, it needs to become the core of your marketing strategy, especially with email and SMS campaigns

Your messaging can set you apart

What consumers want is clear. Now, it’s up to your brand to give it to them. So, it’s time to focus on messaging. Email personalization is a great place to start. And Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ make it easy to connect with your customers on a 1:1 level. 

Here are a few examples in action:

Thrive Causemetics uses personalized Smart Banners™ to remind customers to revisit products they’ve already browsed — especially if the items are selling fast.

Package tracking and shipping updates are incredibly important to customers. So use Smart Banners™ to provide real-time, up-to-date location and delivery information.

Keep your most loyal customers in the know with membership program information. Go beyond points updates. Let them know how they can use their points for purchases.

To drive foot traffic, use customer location data to update them on what’s happening at local stores. Or create blocks and banners that feature specific products and services based on the local weather.

Pull in data from customer wish lists for product updates. And Smart Banners™ let you include user-generated star ratings and reviews to help build trust and drive action.

These are just a few examples of how you can begin taking email and SMS personalization seriously. 

Zembula can do more for your brand

Do you want to find a solution that helps you personalize at scale without needing to completely revamp your processes and slow down your workflows? 

Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ make it easy to create a hyper-personalized cross-channel experience for your customers. From email to SMS, we’ve got you covered. 

And with the Zembula platform, you can speed up your workflows. Our AI-powered Campaign Decision Engine does the heavy lifting for you, choosing the banners and blocks that best meet your pre-determined parameters and delivering the personalized experience consumers crave. 

Learn more about Zembula and how email personalization at scale is just a few clicks away. Contact us today to request a demo.

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