3 Tips to Help Boost Your Email Marketing Conversion Rate

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Email marketers pay a lot of attention to data, but one metric that stands out is conversion rate. Your email marketing conversion rate is one way to determine how effective your emails are — the more people taking action, the better. 

Plus, a solid conversion rate can also add to the bottom line. The more people you’re convincing to buy your products, the more money you will make over time. So, you can see how important it is, but a ton of brands still struggle with conversion rates. 

They get a steady stream of new subscribers into the funnel, send out a few standard emails, and then…crickets. Here’s the good news, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can do things to boost your conversion rates. 

We have a few ideas to help.

Send personalized emails

You’ve heard the mantra over and over; personalization matters more to customers today than ever. But are you including advanced personalization tactics in your current email strategy? You need to go beyond just a name when it comes to personalization

That means including personalized content and recommending products to customers based on their likes and interests. If you’ve got a loyalty program, send those customers personalized offers. And tap into location data to send emails based on weather data for where they live. 

One tool that can help you is Smart Banners™. These use your customer data and the parameters you set to include personalization in every email you send. This can help improve not just your message visibility but variety too. Customers can get an assortment of personalized messaging to meet their needs and interests.

Use your data

Don’t let yourself sit in the dark. You’ve got more data about your customers at your fingertips than ever before. So use that to improve both your content and your emails. And if you aren’t sure? Ask them!

Emails today should be a two-way street with your customers. Don’t talk at them. Instead, engage them. Ask them what they want to see, what they are interested in, their likes and dislikes, and so on. 

dynamic welcome email

When you get that sort of data, you can flip it around and send your customers emails that are hyper-personalized and speak directly to them. That can motivate them to start clicking. And when they do, you get even more data to use again. 

Make it easy to click

A critical part of the conversion conversation is the call to action. Sure, it’s basic information, but you need to make sure you have a clear and strong call to action that makes it really easy for your customers to click. You’d be surprised how often that part is skipped!

Something else that ties into having a solid CTA is making your email interesting and engaging from the start. It’s impossible to get someone to click if they aren’t even opening your emails to start. So, you need to get your emails out of a rut and make them something customers are excited to check out. 

Here’s another place where Smart Banners™ can make all the difference. By choosing from well over a dozen different banners, you can feel confident that your emails will always come across as interesting and timely, not stale and boring. And as an added bonus, banners have a built-in CTA button.

Get more information today

Are you ready to boost your email marketing conversion rates? We can help you improve your emails, offer more personalization, and get your customers engaged again. 

It’s easy to get started. Just get in touch. We’ll set you up with a demo and walk you through some ideas about how you can make a real difference in your numbers. 

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