How Smart Banners™ Can Help Reduce eCommerce Cart Abandonment Rates

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Nearly 70% of shoppers abandon their carts at some point during the buying journey. That’s a rate that should make many eCommerce brands nervous. 

Of course, cart abandonment is inevitable. But, there’s also a lot of opportunity to drop those rates and start winning back buyers, improving conversions, and increasing revenue. A Smart Banner™ is the perfect tool to help you get started. 

These banners sit above your email headers and convey all sorts of information to your readers based on their customer and behavioral data. For example, a Smart Banner™ can provide loyalty information, shipping updates, and announce sales. But the key for eCommerce brands is how Smart Banners™ can help you start attacking those abandoned cart rates.

Here’s how.


You probably know by now that eCommerce customers want personalized content. Look at your inbox. Aren’t you more likely to open emails from the brands you know that always send you content that meets your interests or needs? Well, consumers are the same way. That’s why personalization matters so much — both now and into the future.

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Smart Banners™ help you deliver personalized emails without needing to spend hours segmenting lists, running A/B tests, and starting and stopping campaigns to make tweaks. It doesn’t get much easier than that. 

A Smart Banner™ can be added to any email to alert customers they’ve left something in their cart by using customer data, including shopping and browsing history. That means every email you send, from monthly newsletters to shipping confirmations, can be personalized with individualized customer information. 

Few other tools will give you that level of hyper-personalization. It will make you really stand out from the competition. 

Improved engagement

Another benefit to using Smart Banners™ is it helps your customers take action. For example, a standard abandoned cart strategy usually follows a typical three email campaign. While data shows you can get customers to come back and convert with this style of campaign, your chances are still limited, most campaigns only run for about 36 hours, and that’s it. 

With a Smart Banner™, you can go way beyond a handful of emails and a hard time limit. Your notifications will increase message visibility. And the more people who see a message, the better the chances of getting more of them to click and convert.

Something else to consider is how it looks. While a Smart Banner™ is designed to be relatively unobtrusive compared to the rest of your email, it also catches the eye. You can add animation such as gifs or product images to remind your reader of exactly what they left in their cart. Personalized animation and moving images are powerful ways to grab attention right from the inbox.

cart browse abandonment

Another cool feature you can pull into Smart Banners™ with your browsing data is a browse abandonment notification. It’s just another way to provide more personalized image content. Consumers will see and be reminded of items they were previously interested in buying. Plus, it gives a gentle nudge to customers to click through and make the purchase.

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Finally, Smart Banners™ have space for you to create a built-in call to action within the banner. When a customer sees this, they know they’re only a few clicks away from finishing up their purchase. It helps remove another barrier that may otherwise give a customer pause before going forward. 

Smart Banners™ make it easy for customers to get back to their cart and buy, and they help you improve your numbers and get more conversions. That’s a win-win for eCommerce brands and consumers. 

Interested in learning more?

If you want to see Smart Banners™ in action in your own campaigns, we’d love to help. You’ll see how Zembual can help you stay relevant with your customers, improve your workflows, and save time and money. Sound good? 

Get in touch today, and we can set you up with a demo so you can take the platform for a spin.

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