How Smart Banners™ Help You Stand Out on Mobile Devices

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The growth of mobile has been nothing new over the last decade. Yet, there are still brands that aren’t keeping mobile in mind when creating emails. 

By ignoring mobile, you’re missing a massive part of the marketplace, which goes for both B2C and B2B brands. Everyone opens email on their phone today. So, if you aren’t designing your emails with mobile responsiveness in mind, you are likely losing customers.

Here’s why:

Over 80% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. If someone opens an email and sees it’s not optimized, guess how many of them automatically delete it without a second glance?

Another 80%.

If you want to learn how to stand out on mobile, here’s what you need to do.

Understand mobile user’s behavior 

Something fundamental to understand is mobile users engage with email differently than those opening it on a computer — even when it’s the same person. 

Think about your behavior. When you open an email on your phone, do you want to endlessly scroll, squint at tiny letters, or try to click on a call to action that’s too small for your finger?

Probably not. That’s a lousy user experience

And it explains why even though more emails are opened on mobile devices, click-through rates there are lower. This benchmark study found that even though mobile users represent about 65% of email addresses, they generate only 18% clicks.

study of click rate by line depth mobile vs tablet vs pc

The same study found the 1st link displayed in an email opened on a computer has about a 1.2% click rate. On a mobile phone, the click rate is half that. 

That means even the very first displayed link in your mobile-optimized email is still likely to get a fraction of the clicks. And if a reader has to keep scrolling to find links, the click rates plummet even further. 

You’ve got one shot to make a first impression on mobile and get people clicking. 

Smart Banners™ to the rescue

Rather than hope your emails are good enough for mobile, you need to start designing them with mobile in mind. That’s where Smart Banners™ can give you a huge advantage.

With a Smart Banner™, you’re making sure that the very first click you want your reader to take is front and center. 

Smart Banners™ sit right at the very top of your emails. So when your customers open their email on their phones, it’s the first thing they see. And, since each banner has a built-in call to action, there’s no need to scroll.

It catches the eye and boosts engagement from the second your customer opens their email.

beard brand generic email phone mockup

That’s hard to beat. 

With a Smart Banner™, you don’t need to worry about your emails having a poor user experience because they aren’t optimized for mobile. The banners are responsive. They work on whichever device your reader users for their emails, giving them a consistent user experience across devices.

And the best part?

You can add a Smart Banner™ to any email you send. From your weekly newsletter to a shipping receipt or sale alert, you can increase the visibility of every message you send with a banner.

Want to learn more?

With Zembula, making your emails mobile responsive is easy. Use our drag and drop templates to design what you need. 

smart banner decision engine

And with just a snippet of code, you can connect your data sources to ensure your Smart Banners™ are personalized to each reader. That means your emails get another layer of personalization right from the start.

Use a Smart Banner™ to let your customers know when they’ve left something in their cart, there’s a sale or special event in your store, their package is on their way, or they’ve got loyalty points to redeem.

If you want to check out how Smart Banners™ work for yourself, get in touch. We’d love to set you up with a demo so you can take the Zembula platform for a test drive.

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