How Zembula Helps You Personalize Your Emails Easier Than Movable Ink

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Being able to personalize your emails easily is crucial to your bottom line. When personalization becomes too complex, it takes more time and sucks resources out of your company. That means more expenses and fewer campaigns or campaigns that don’t work as well. 

Movable Ink has been the top choice for email personalization until now. Zembula is changing the way marketers approach email personalization, and it’s much easier than using Movable Ink!

Let’s go over 4 ways Zembula is making email personalization easier and how it stacks up with Movable Ink.

You don’t need to add code to your website to drive any use case. 

Zembula connects to any data source or API you already have, so you don’t have to do anything extra! For instance, you can use your commerce platform to create abandoned cart content. This way is the best way because adding code to your site can slow it down and take development time. 

No stacking of pixels to serve multiple use cases. 

Zembula has a sophisticated Campaign Decision Engine. It means a single pixel can deliver any of thousands of messages you create in Zembula’s platform. You can control the content that any pixel displays from our platform, so you don’t need to edit email code. 

No need to merge endless data into the image URL

Zembula handles logic inside the platform and vastly reduces the need for extensive data being merged in from your ESP and passed through the URL every time you send an email. 

No hidden functionality that requires a developer to build out integrations and content.

Zembula’s platform is sophisticated and allows you to do anything a Zembula employee can do within the platform. There is no hidden functionality that requires custom code.

Email personalization is crucial to your success as a marketer. Being able to do it easily can be the difference between bumping up your ROI or breaking even.

Zembula is here to help you accomplish all of your email personalization goals easier than ever.

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