How To Personalize Your SMS Messages

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Meet your customers where they are directing their attention.

Where’s that?

The same place it is for almost every human in today’s civilized world: their phone!

Effective outreach has evolved beyond email to now include text messages or SMS. And if you’re not leveraging this extremely important channel, you’re falling behind your competition.

So, how do you get up to speed? How do you start sending the types of SMS messages that aren’t dismissed as spam but instead get results and drive transactions?

By deeply personalizing the content that you’re sending. You’ve got to make your customers feel as if you’re talking to them as individuals. You have to make it worth their while to not only open your message but to then take action.

Don’t worry: It’s not nearly as difficult as it sounds. In fact, Zembula makes it easy!

Zembula has proprietary, industry-leading solutions that make sending engaging SMS content simple. You’ll be blown away by how easy it is to start sending deeply personalized messages that can transform your business.

Personal Service Right at Your Customers’ Fingertips

Separate from the competition by using personalized SMS messages to communicate things like loyalty status, promotions, shipment tracking, abandoned cart notifications, and post-purchase experiences.

Loyalty Programs

Personalized SMS gives you an avenue to allow your best customers to take advantage of their loyalty status. You can send personalized updates, special offers, program benefits, and enrollment opportunities.

Personalized Promotions

You can achieve deep personalization by combining your data with your SMS strategy. Take something like browse or cart abandonment data and combine that with a personalized message that highlights a specific product you know the customer is interested in. Then send that personalized offer via a personalized SMS message.

Shipment Tracking

With some personalized animation and a little creativity, you can turn borning shipment tracking SMS notifications into a sales opportunity. Call the customer by name. Show them a visual representation of where their package is in the process. Entice them to make another purchase with a limited-time discount code.

Abandoned Cart Notifications

SMS messaging is a much more direct and timely means of getting customers’ attention when they’ve left something behind in their shopping cart. SMS introduces an elevated personalization opportunity to engage more effectively.

Post Purchase

Tailor your content to the individual customer’s order and experience. Engage them by asking for things like a review. Send them educational content, like instructions for a product they just purchased. Update them on their loyalty points status. Or give them a link to an FAQ page about the product they just purchased. There is a huge opportunity to give the customer value and to build a 1:1 connection.

Grab Attention With Personalized SMS Animation

If you work with Zembula, you’ll be arming yourself with a secret weapon all but guaranteed to help you stand out. Animated SMS messaging is totally next level. Add personalization to that secret sauce, and you’ll be sending your customers messages they’ve never seen before!

Animation allows you to bring your message to life. It helps you tell a story. It gives you the opportunity to engage your customers in a way that doesn’t feel same-ol’, same-ol’.

With Zembula, you can use your data to create sophisticated, personalized animations for your SMS messages.

Figuring out how to personalize your SMS messages might feel overwhelming, but Zembula makes it easy for you to add to your existing campaign or spin up a new one.

Connect with an expert to learn more about how you can better connect with your customers.

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