How to Improve Lifetime Customer Value With Email

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Every marketer wants to improve one key metric: lifetime customer value (CLV). We all know getting new customers is an effective way to build a business, but it also takes a lot of time and money. 

You have to attract interest, nurture customers through your funnel, and hope they stick around and buy something. Most don’t. But, for those that do, you have the start of a hopefully long-term relationship — if you can get it right.

Many brands stumble by focusing all their energy on getting those new customers and forgetting about the ones they already have. If you can retain your current customers, educate them, engage them, and encourage them to keep buying, you’ve got a formula for success. These customers will keep adding value to your brand and your bottom line.

So, how to focus on improving customer lifetime value? We’ve got one answer: email. 

Dig into the data

One of the huge benefits of email marketing today is you can gather a ton of behavioral data on your customers. With all that information at your fingertips, you want to put your data to good use

Use it to identify your current top customers, the ones who buy from you frequently or have a high spend. Then, consider segmenting them into their own list. From there, you can send them specific VIP special offers, discounts, and coupons to ensure they keep shopping with you.

Data also lets you offer your customers higher levels of personalization, more on that later, which improves overall customer experience. If you aren’t collecting data, consider using dynamic email examples like live polling. It’s a great way to give your customers more of what they want while learning about them at the same time.

Focus on more personalization

No one wants to be thought of as customer number 89,291 in an email list. But, for too long, that was the standard. Now, there are so many ways you can give your customer a better, more personalized experience. 

Start with image personalization. If you want to optimize your list, this is a great way to improve it, speak directly to your customer with custom content and entice them to convert. 


By including personalized images in your email content, you can offer so much more. All it takes is a snippet of code added to an email template. From there, it’s easy to send out emails that include your customer’s name, loyalty information, abandoned cart, and shipping tracking, all with personalized promotions and customized calls to action.

Zembula’s Smart Blocks and Smart Banners make personalization easy. You can send out personalized emails that speak directly to your customer’s needs and interests in a few clicks. 

Make it easy to buy

You don’t need a suite of fancy tools to look at the data and know the products they want to buy. Your eCommerce, email service providers, and CRM tools can all paint a pretty good picture for you. Now it’s your job to translate that into personalized content. 

Here’s where you really want to give your customers what they want, and more importantly, make it super easy for them to get it.

Product Recommendation

Start simple with personalized product recommendations. It’s an easy way to get a customer who has already bought to do it again. Then, insert a Smart Block that features related products to what they’ve bought.

Order Replenishment Banner

Reminder announcements are a great tool too, use them in your Smart Banners. Add a CTA button, and now it’s easy to re-order in a couple of clicks. 


For your loyalty program members, use personalization to give them up-to-date info on their membership status. Then, feature special events where they can double up on their points if they buy. 

All of these are examples of ways to insert more personalization into your regular emails and offer a better customer experience that puts your customer first. As a result, your customers will get the content that matters to them, and when they see it, it will keep them far more engaged.

That can help build a long-term relationship with them and boost their lifetime value with your brand. 

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with Zembula today. We’d love to chat about how we can help your business. 

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