Three Smart Ways to Use Personalized Animation to Drive Engagement

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Opens, clicks, and conversions. 

For many brands, that’s where your email campaigns live or die. If you can get readers to open your email, click your links, and convert into customers, you’ve got the formula for success right there.

Unfortunately, while it sounds simple, it’s becoming more challenging to make it happen. Consumers are bombarded with content and emails all day, every day. So standing out from the competition is not only more difficult, it’s also more important than ever. 

Here’s the good news, you’ve got the opportunity to boost your numbers and build long-term engagement with your readers. We can help you do it with personalized animation.

With Zembula, real-time animation is easy. Drop a few snippets of code in your email templates, and you’re good to go. Plus, you can pull in personalized data so your customers always see what matters most to them. 

Here are a few examples to get you started.

Personalized email countdown timers

Nothing gets the blood racing like a countdown timer. We love seeing people beat the clock in games and sporting events, so why not incorporate a little bit of that excitement in your emails too?

An obvious way to use a countdown clock in your email is with a flash sale. That’s great for retail and eCommerce brands looking to build a little bit of FOMO and encourage customers to take action. 

But that’s only the only place you can get the most out of these timers, especially if you want to add personalization.

The above is a perfect example of how you can use a countdown timer to get personal. Here, you see your customer’s name, plus a real-time notification about what’s been abandoned in their cart. The animation takes it to another level because it introduces a timer tied to a special deal. In this case, it’s free shipping, but you could use a coupon code too.

Personalized shipping information

Shipping is something that matters a lot to your customers. As shipping times speed up, people want to know where their package is while in transit, and they want estimates as to when it’s going to arrive. 

With real-time package tracking updates in your emails, you can give them the most up-to-date personalized package tracking information possible. 

In the above example, you can see a subtle animation highlight where a package is in its journey to the customer. And even better, it gives them all the information they want about their package; the estimated delivery, when it was shipped, and where it is right now. 

And, if they need an update, all your customer has to do is open their email. With real-time shipping information, emails are updated at moment-of-open, not moment-of-send, ensuring your customers always have the most recent updates available.

Personalized loyalty updates

Loyal customers are the best, aren’t they? But you can’t build that long-term loyalty overnight; it takes effort. You need to have a good membership or loyalty program to start, and most importantly, you need to keep in touch with your members. 

Sending them personalized loyalty emails is a great way to do that. But, your emails can make an even bigger impact if they feature personalized real-time animations

Check out this example:

Who doesn’t love burgers magically appearing before them? If you are a burger joint (or any other type of restaurant), it’s a good bet your customers will love getting updates about their loyalty points and rewards. 

In this case, your customer knows they are only a few burgers away from a free meal, that’s going to get their attention. Now, add in some personalized location information, and your customer can see the closest restaurant to them to take action right now. If they open their email in a new spot, it will automatically update the location data to feature the nearest place.

Get the picture?

With real-time personalized animations, you can make any boring old email and transform it into something your customer will love to open and click. Help drive conversions and get more revenue with animation in email.

Give us a call today, and we’re happy to chat with you about the Zembula platform and how animations can improve your emails.

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