How Smart Banners™ Helped Bully Bunches Improve Conversion Rate, Revenue, and Customer Engagement

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Bully Bunches is an eCommerce brand that makes high-quality bully sticks and other single-ingredient chews for dogs. As a family-owned and operated company operating online, email is a critical channel for Bully Bunches to reach potential customers. 

To help offer more personalized emails and improve customer engagement, Bully Bunches looked to Zembula for help. After implementing Smart Banners™ into their email marketing strategy, Bully Bunches saw a lift in conversions. 

Here’s what happened.

The challenge: Find a flexible solution that was easy to use and provided a better customer experience

A high-quality customer experience is critical for eCommerce brands today. And while that often involves adding more personalized communication to emails, it isn’t easy at scale. 

For a small family business, there often isn’t the time to play around with HTML, tweak code, and deal with IT issues if there’s an email issue. Plus, trying to sit down and manually personalize emails often isn’t an option. 

So the team at Bully Bunches needed something that presented the best of both worlds. A tool that was easy to update and implement, streamlining workflows and a way to ensure customers continued to get engaging emails that stood out from the competition. 

And, with SMS campaigns continuing to grow in popularity, finding a way to synergize both email and text messages were essential to reach customers on their timeline. Email and SMS can help eCommerce brands with message consistency and visibility across channels. 

The solution: Implement Smart Banners™ to personalize communication and drive action

Bully Bunches used the Zembula platform to create a message pool of Smart Banners™ to help reach customers. Smart Banners™ are dynamic banners that deliver personalized information based on customer data. These banners sit at the top of customers’ emails, providing visibility before the scroll, a clear personalized message, and a strong call to action

Here’s how it works: select a few templates, insert a snippet of code, and connect data sources. Then create rules around the data so specific customers meeting the selected parameters get the right personalized messages applicable to them. Zembula’s Campaign Decision Engine pulls the best banner for the data conditions and serves the reader, all within milliseconds.

If the data doesn’t tie to a message, the banner shrinks to an invisible pixel — your email looks exactly as intended, and nothing in the underlying message changes.

bully bunches

Bully Bunches created Smart Banners™ with a few key campaign objectives in mind, including:

  • Promotion
  • Loyalty
  • Cart abandonment
  • SMS acquisition
  • Package tracking

Through these campaigns, the team at Bully Bunches hoped to improve customer experience with personalized messaging while using automation to improve their workflows.

The results: Smart Banners™ help boost conversions and revenue

For the Bully Bunches team, Smart Banners™ made a difference. In the emails featuring Smart Banners™, the team saw a 17%+ conversion rate driven by the banners and an 8% lift in conversion revenue. 

bully bunches results

Smart Banners™ helped engage customers and drive action, selling more healthy and high-quality chews and bully sticks to pup’s across the country. 

And, for a busy and small team, Smart Banners™ made it easy to get up and running. Implementation is fast and straightforward, so marketing teams can spend more time digging into the numbers and analyzing KPIs instead of trying to play around with code. 

Learn more about Smart Banners™

Interested in copying the success of Bully Bunches for your brand? We can help you streamline your workflows, improve your customer experience, and boost clicks and conversions with performative personalization. 

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more and try out Smart Banners™ for yourself. Our team of email marketing experts will introduce you to the Zembula platform with a demo. 

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