How Smart Banners™ Can Help Improve Second Chance Lottery Participation

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Millions of people across the country participate in lotteries every year. So there’s an opportunity for marketers to get the attention and reengage customers through second chance lottery opportunities. But many lotteries struggle to build awareness or participation in these promotions.

Nearly every state runs a lottery, and the vast majority also have second chance lottery payouts. With a second chance lottery, non-winning tickets can be submitted to win additional prizes. For lottery brands, this is a great way to keep consumers engaged with the product. However, many consumers don’t realize it’s an option or participate.

Here’s where Smart Banners™ can play a role. Learn how the Virginia Lottery uses Smart Banners™ to streamline and automate customer communication. 

The numbers behind the numbers

For a long time, lottery brands have relied on traditional marketing channels to reach customers. Billboards, TV commercials, or walking into your local convenience store were all automatic advertising methods to reach new customers. However, as trends have moved towards online and digital marketing, lottery brands must follow the lead. 

Getting online through social media, SMS, and email marketing can help generate awareness among customers, especially those who aren’t traditional participants.

Lottery Market

According to recent data, the lottery market will grow by nearly 30 billion dollars by 2025. Additionally, in 2021 the market saw a growth rate of over 5% year over year compared to 2020. Lottery brands can adopt new marketing strategies by embracing the potential of email marketing — especially promoting second chance lottery participation to consumers.

How Smart Banners™ can help

Traditionally there are a handful of challenges for lottery brands that can make email marketing difficult. First is building awareness of the product. Many consumers might need to learn they can resubmit their old lottery tickets for a second chance lottery and the process around participation. For example, some states now allow customers to purchase tickets and participate in the lottery online versus going into a convenience store grocery start to buy tickets. 

There are also specific rules around the second chance lottery to communicate. Each state must ensure compliance with regulations, so conveying that information to consumers is critical. For example, some states don’t allow out-of-state purchasers to buy tickets.

Couple that with consumers increasing expectations. Today, it’s all about building individual relationships with brands. So personalized marketing communication from companies matters more than ever. However, it presents the challenge of personalizing all this information at scale. 

There are a few ways Smart Banners™ can specifically help lotteries reach more consumers.


Using browse and buy data from visits, you can send re-engagement emails to customers who have already visited your site or purchased tickets but have not returned recently. 

Using emails and Smart Banners™, you can send targeted personalized reminders featuring specific customer information driving action back to the site and, ideally, second chance participation.

Location targeting

Another benefit of Smart Banners™ is that it’s easy to use customer’s location information to help personalize emails

For example, with customer zip code information, you can create a Smart Banner™ reminding them to visit their local convenience store or grocery store to turn in tickets for a second chance lottery. Or remind them about upcoming jackpot prizes, area customers who won, or local stores that sold winning tickets.

No segmenting required

Traditionally, email marketers have had to segment customer email lists to personalize messages. But with Zembula’s AI-powered Campaign Decision Engine, personalization at scale is simple. 

virginia lottery smart banner

Marketers don’t need to spend time updating HTML, tweaking code, or manually entering jackpot numbers. Instead, customers automatically receive personalized messaging based on data parameters set up by you inside the Zembula platform.

Up your game

Make connecting with customers and reminding them about second chance lottery opportunities an automatic part of your marketing strategy. 

Get in touch today if you want to see how Zembula’s Smart Banners™ can help you reach more customers and increase second chance lottery participation. 

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