Five Fall Email Marketing Ideas for Your Next Campaign

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When you think about fall email marketing ideas, there’s probably one big flashing arrow pointing to one major event: Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM). 

There’s no doubt BFCM drives a ton of traffic and sales for many retail and eCommerce brands. However, your fall marketing doesn’t have to begin and end there. There are plenty of other holidays or special events during late August, September, and October you can lean on to send a few short and sweet campaigns. 

Here are a couple of ideas to explore. 

Back to school

This may be the most obvious fall campaign to explore, but it does depend on your brand. However, don’t think if your products aren’t for kids, you can’t create a back-to-school campaign. You can. And have fun with it; think out of the box.

There’s always a way to still engage with adults. Reframe back to school as a way for adults to celebrate or treat themselves (with your products). Retailers and eCommerce shops can take a ‘learning something new’ approach and highlight specific products. Or, focus on educators, give them a discount, gift with purchase, or incorporate donations into your promotion.

Start of fall/end of summer

Another fall email marketing tip can fall under the general changing of seasons. Pretty much every brand can find a tie-in to that. Get people in your store to check out the newest stock, promote items in fall colors, and have people come in for a fresh look or style. There are tons of options.

If fall weather is much cooler where your customers live, Here’s where using location data can help too. Use Smart Banners™ to change your promotions based on location data. If you want to flip the script, focus on an end-of-summer promotion. 

Checkups and reminders

For some retailers and service providers, fall is a busy time. That also means it’s a great time to send targeted email campaigns, especially educational ones, to your customers.

Fashion Email Mock up

Try some of these:

  • Tire stores can start promoting snow tires and pre-winter checkups.
  • Restaurants can promote a new fall menu.
  • A clothing store may want to feature a new fall style guide.
  • Landscapers and other home repair services may want to check in with customers about fall clean-ups.
  • A winter sports store may want to send out an educational promotion highlighting how to get your gear prepped for the season.
  • And so on.

Using small promotions and campaigns to check in with your customers can help you stay top of mind.

Use your calendar for other opportunities

Depending on your primary audience, you may be able to create campaigns around specific days and events. Get creative with it and have fun. For example, send emails around:

  • Veterans Day
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Oktoberfest
  • Start of sports seasons (NFL, NBA, NHL, etc.)

Sending an email with a quick promotion or a flash sale giving customers a discount, extra loyalty points, or free shipping can drive some conversions and revenue. 

And, don’t forget that with Smart Banners™, it’s easy to send personalized messages to each of your customers.

Prime customers for BFCM

It’s rarely too early to get some thoughts about BFCM prep on your schedule. After all, long-term planning often goes a long way. So, why not let your customers get a sneak peek at what you’re planning? 


You can use the lead-up to these events to tease items, offer ‘first look’ sales or specials, or create targeted gift guides. And, while you’re at it, entice your customers to take action early so they can save on shipping or beat the rush. Consider that in your campaign strategies if you’re concerned about inventory this season.  

How to expand your campaign reach

Do you want your campaigns to immediately get lost in your reader’s inbox or have your messages stick around for a while and make a real impact? 

More visibility is probably the answer, and we’ve got a solution to help you: Smart Banners™. Rather than send out one or two emails and hope they land with some of your customers, target specific readers with the personalized content and campaigns you want.

Smart Banners™ help you do this, allowing you to communicate 1:1 with your readers at scale. This helps you get more reach and visibility to your campaigns, extending the message over multiple emails.

To learn more about Smart Banners™, get in touch and schedule a demo. We’d love to show you the Zembula platform and how it can help you transform your emails.

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