5 Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Get Engagement

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Clicks and conversions. Those are some of the critical metrics marketers watch to see if emails perform. If you’ve found your numbers stagnant, or worse, declining over time, it may be that you have an engagement problem. 

If you can’t get people on your list to open and click your emails in the first place, it’s that much harder to see conversions. So it’s a serious problem you need to keep an eye on. If your numbers are lagging, there are probably a few reasons why. 

Here’s what you need to look out for and some tips to fix it. 

You’re not focusing on your customers from the start

We all know how important the customer journey is; it can often make or break a customer’s opinion of your brand. Your customer experience should start from the very first touchpoint someone has with your company, the welcome email. 

dynamic welcome email

Rather than using that campaign only to tell readers about your brand, look at it as an opportunity to start creating engagement right away. Make it clear; this customer journey is going to be a two-way street, where you both learn about each other.

You don’t communicate enough

All too often, a potential customer will sign up for your list, get a few emails, and then…crickets. That doesn’t exactly make people very excited to keep engaging with your brand; in fact, it probably won’t take long to forget you. If you’re willing to let the relationship drop when everything is new and exciting, it’s not a great sign. 

Consumers want to hear from you. But, they also want those emails to matter to them. So, especially with your triggered email campaigns, like an abandoned cart or re-engagement series, make sure you give yourself multiple chances to communicate with your readers. 

You’re not personalizing emails for the reader

This is a big one. Personalized emails are more than just a hot trend; they are what consumers will continue to demand into the future. Right now, you have the tools to send your readers emails that are chock full of personalized content, from shipping tracking to loyalty points updates to product recommendations and more. 

personalized email

All you need to do is tap into the data you have at hand and use that to start better communicating with your customers. Go beyond the basics and create sophisticated emails that feature location data so you can generate emails that bring in the weather or local specials and offers. Use customer buying history to remind them to refill past purchases or suggest products related to items they already love. 

Your emails are kind of boring 

Sorry. But, it may be true. Look at your emails with an objective eye and see where you can find places to spice them up. It’s often the case that an email has had pretty good numbers for a while, so you didn’t want to tweak anything that was working. But, over time, engagement started to slow, and now you’re not getting much traction at all.

This is a great opportunity to find ways to add new and compelling content to your emails that can help drive action. Again, here personalization is the key. Create dynamic content that asks the reader to engage and share information, include buying guides for products they’re interested in or tips for getting the most out of items they’ve just purchased. There’s a lot you can do, including using animation and image personalization to make your emails stand out.

You’re not featuring user-generated content

Consumers trust other consumers more than they trust brands. Unfortunately, that’s just how it goes. If a customer is curious about buying a product from you but can’t find anything about what others thought, they could decide to move on. Not having user-generated content like ratings, reviews, and testimonials is a missed opportunity. 


The good news is you can capitalize on that by including more user-generated content in your emails. For example, add a Smart Block that highlights a featured review on a recommended product or an item that the customer has left in their cart. Gentle nudges like these that include ratings and reviews can help customers decide to buy. 

The bottom line

Engagement is crucial with emails. So, you need to do everything you can to find ways to boost your numbers. Reviewing your current approach and making a few tweaks can help make all the difference.

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