5 Ideas for Zembula Smart Banners™ for Holiday Campaigns

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When preparing for the holiday season, you have to get creative. Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on the messages that converted in the past. The same old stuff isn’t going to work as well during the busy winter months and the lead-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BF/CM). 

But, it’s harder than ever in a world where competition is stiff, and consumers can get deals anywhere. So, you need an arsenal of tools to help you stand out from the crowd, catch your reader’s eyes, and, most importantly, inspire engagement. 

We’ve got something to help: Smart Banners™. With Smart Banners™, you can not only personalize every email you send but add message variety into the mix. Your emails will stand out because they are personalized and attention-grabbing. That mix will help your emails stay relevant longer. 

Interested in how Smart Banners™ can help you this holiday season? Here are a few ideas. 

In-store events

Although the growth of online shopping has exploded over the last few years, customers still love shopping in-store. So, think about special events you can host in-store to help increase your foot traffic during the holiday season. 

One approach is to center events around VIPs and loyalty program members. Use the data you have on your best customers to treat them to early access to Black Friday deals or other special holiday sales.

Product recommendations

Speaking of customer data, the holiday season is the best time to take everything you’ve been gathering all year and put it into action. And Smart Banners™ can help by making it easy to personalize the emails you send at scale. 

Browse Abandonment

Use your data to send your readers personalized product recommendations based on their browse and purchase history. That makes it easier to encourage additional purchases, and you can use your banners to remind them of other items they may want to consider as gifts. 

Shipping cut-off dates

Thrive Causemetics leaned on a pool of Zembula’s Smart Banners™ during the most recent holiday season to create personalized customer communication. One message that was very important to them was communicating shipping cut-off dates. 

Supply chain issues are still not entirely back to normal, so that can impact your customer experience. However, ensuring your customers know when the last day they can order to get their order on time is a helpful and appreciated tool you can use to stand out.

Inventory updates

What’s more frustrating than finding the perfect gift, only to get an email after you’ve bought that it’s out of stock and not arriving until after the holidays? Naturally, you don’t want your customers to deal with that, especially this time of year. 

So, use your Smart Banners™ to help your customers keep track of inventory updates. Smart Banners™ pull real-time information directly from your data sources. That means they can feel confident they’ll always have the most up-to-date inventory updates.

Deal of the day

Sure, BF/CM are the big focus days of the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean your readers aren’t looking for deals throughout the fall and winter. So why not reward your most attentive shoppers with special deals or buying days?

Offering a deal of the day or a flash sale on goods and services is a great way to keep engagement building throughout the holiday season. Use a Smart Banner™ to alert your customers to these deals and sales to encourage buying early.

Do more with Smart Banners™

Are you starting to think about how Smart Banners™ can help you this holiday season? If you want to send personalized, engaging emails and drive action, you don’t want to ignore the potential of Smart Banners™

We’d love to help you get started. Contact us and sign up for a demo. One of our experts would love to walk you through the Zembula platform and show you how Smart Banners™ can transform your emails.

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