4 Tips for 4th of July Email Campaigns

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Holiday marketing isn’t just about Black Friday and Cyber Monday — if that’s your only focus, you may lose out on customers. No one wants that. So why shouldn’t you include a 4th of July email campaign?

The 4th of July is one of a handful of U.S. holidays that lands outside the typical fall and winter marketing campaign season. Unfortunately, that means it can get forgotten in the rush to prepare for campaigns running later in the year. Don’t let that happen.

Instead, embrace the opportunities a 4th of July email campaign can bring. And, unlike your BF/CM campaigns, you don’t need months of planning. Instead, you can start just a few weeks out, like now.

Here are a few tips to get your summer holiday email campaigns up and running.

Plan ahead

The 4th is a national celebration, so it’s a campaign to include in your marketing strategy whether you own a restaurant, are a travel agency, or run a clothing shop. You don’t need months of lead time. Depending on the products or services you want to offer, you can create a short campaign with a little lead-up rather than just launching on the 4th itself. 

For example, if you’re a retailer selling 4th of July-themed products, send your emails about 10-14 days before the holiday. That gives your leads time to review your sale, make a purchase, and get in time for the holiday. If you go this route, notify your customers about the last day to order for shipping, a Smart Banner™ can help ensure that gets across.

Highlight flash sales

The 4th of July is a great time to run a few flash sales on your products. Again, have fun with it and use a little bit of FOMO. Tease your customers with mystery products, add countdown timers to events, and capture their attention. If you have a loyalty program or can identify your most frequent buyers, this is a great way to target them for special deals and reward upgrades or promotions. 


Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ can make a big difference in your promotion efforts. In tandem, these allow you to promote your sale in multiple emails, include inventory update notifications, and even update your campaigns mid-send without needing to pause them or change the code. 

Tie in your email marketing with your SMS campaigns

A lot of people will take a few vacation days around the 4th, so that may mean they aren’t checking their email as much as usual. This is where your SMS campaign can come into the mix, creating a system that allows you to send personalized messages at scale through multiple channels for maximum visibility.  

SMS and email work together as part of an overall marketing strategy, and there’s no better time to deploy it than the 4th of July. SMS works well because data shows people tend to read and respond to SMS messages within just a few minutes of getting them. So, if you’re running a special 4th of July sale where timing matters, it’s a great one-two punch for grabbing attention. 

Create a summer product guide

One of the great benefits of gathering data on your customers and seeing what they enjoy is you can create more tailored content for their interests and needs. If you’ve ever made a holiday buying guide or gift guide, use the same approach for this holiday too. It’s a fun way to add some interesting content into the mix.


Unsure how to do it? Look at your data. Using dynamic email, create polls and questionnaires for your customers to respond to and see what they like. These will identify the customers who are a good fit and who you can send your personalized product guide messaging to, helping to drive more clicks and engagement.

Zembula can help

Want to add Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ to your email marketing strategy? We’d love to show you how you can seamlessly integrate Zembula into your current technology stack and make it easier than ever to send emails that get results.

Sound interesting? Get in touch. We’ll set you up with a demo and walk you through the process.

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