How Email Can Help You Deliver More Personalized Content

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We talk a lot about why personalization is so important for successful email marketing. It helps connect with readers, gives them the information they want, and enables more engagement. 

All of those are critical keys to success for every email marketer. But there’s another way email personalization can help your brand too, and that’s as a content delivery and distribution service. 

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 9 out of 10 email marketers use email to organically distribute content to their readers. Now, let’s take it to the next level and look at how you can combine content distribution and personalization to make a bigger impact.

Deliver the content your customers want

Even if you have a fantastic blog with tons of amazing content, not all of it is going to matter to every single one of your customers. So, when you send out a blast email with a few content links, you’re not consistently delivering the personalized touch that you might otherwise have with some of your other email campaigns. 

With tools like live polling, you can get up to the minute data on your customer and their interests. Now, add that to what you already have through their on-site behavior, completed purchases, loyalty points, and even what they’ve abandoned in their carts. 

For example, in the above poll, if your reader picks hiking, an easy win is to send them primarily hiking-related content within their emails. You can do that just as easily as you would send them hiking-related product recommendations and reviews.

When you combine all of that, you’re able to get a really good picture of your customer’s interests, making it that much easier to send them the content they want to see. 

Improve customer experience

Today, customer experience is the name of the game. And that’s something that goes beyond just your shopping and website experiences. You need to take a holistic view of every single way you engage with your customers, including your email and your content. 

There are tons of ways you can inform and engage your customers with content.

During the holidays is a great time to do this. If you’ve created segmented gift or shopping guides for particular shoppers, i.e., best gifts for the dog lover in your life, best gifts under $100 with 5 stars, etc., these are perfect for sending to encourage engagement. 

Also, think about ways you can use content to help educate your readers. If they’ve just bought a particular product or signed up for a service, create follow-up emails that link to how-to posts or frequently asked questions about those products or services. Add in video content, too, if you really want to stand out.

In this example, customers get emails with helpful blog content highlighting some of the best ways to use the product they just got. And, there’s a simple call to action at the bottom to refill and get more, making another purchase as easy as just a few clicks.

Providing helpful information from the start can make all the difference. It helps build trust with your readers and customers, and by helping them learn more about the best ways to use your products or services, through the other content you have, it’s even better. 

Focus on always delivering for your customers

With targeted blog posts and other content going out to your readers through personalized emails, you’re giving them another positive customer experience. You’re encouraging them to get back into your sales funnel. And, good news for marketers, that re-engagement can help provide key data to give even more customized content down the road. 

So, when you think about personalization, look at how you can include it in every single touchpoint you have with your customers. Of course, that includes your blog content. 

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