How To Drive Engagement

When it comes to engagement rates interactive content has proven itself superior to static content time and time again. And that makes sense right? There is more depth to interactive content, and this makes viewers linger just a little longer than they would with static content. In fact, with Zembula experiences you can expect three times the engagement over your regular content. Here’s how!

To get more active engagement with your content you will need to start with a solid plan for content and also for how you’ll share that content.

Let’s say the basics of your Zembula campaign are as follows:
  1. You want to drive engagement with your brand by highlighting a specific product.
  2. The experience will be embedded on your homepage.
Let’s start creating!
  • Think about your objective: in this case getting more engagement.
    • To drive more engagement with your content you will need to draw on the innate principles of reveal marketing, mainly FOMO and curiosity.
    • You will also need to use tension and contrast in your images as well as place them in an area on your site where they will get noticed.
  • Now that you’ve decided on the framework in which your campaign will exist, we need to get down to business and create our experience.
    • There are three parts of your experience; the cover, the reveal, and the CTA.
      • For the cover image and copy, you want something that drives curiosity since you are trying to highlight a product. I like the idea of using a blurred transparency or a frosted transparency to hide the product while still giving the viewers a taste of what is underneath.
  • Note: experiences like this may not even need copy on the cover image. Copy could be added to the landing page to make it clear a viewer needs to interact.
  • For the reveal image, we need the best image of your highlighted product, whatever it may be. Keep it simple!
      • The CTA should say something in line with your experience like “Shop Now” or “Learn More” (remember to keep it short and sweet. The CTA should go to the product’s page where the viewer can find out more about the product.
  • Now just build your campaign in the platform and insert it into your webpage.
    • Make sure that the location you are placing your experience is prominent and will get the attention it deserves. A banner is a great place for highly engaging content. If you are inline embedding make sure that the design of your website makes sense and fits with your experience.
  • Sit back and watch your engagement soar.
    • An alternate campaign could consist of a trivia question.
      • Instead of a frosted transparency with no copy, ask a question about your brand or a product on the cover then reveal the answer.
      • These types of campaigns work well on blogs, landing pages, or in email.
So let’s wrap it up.

To have a successful campaign when it comes to driving engagement we need:

  1. Cover and reveal images that have contrast and create tension for the viewer.
  2. Copy that incites curiosity. Make them need to know!
  3. CTA copy that drives the click, is simple and straightforward and links to a destination that makes sense.
  4. Placement that demands attention and website design that works with your experience.

Want to know more? Check out our helpdesk article on how to drive engagement, or scroll through our examples by industry below.

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