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Easily create highly engaging experiences that convert

Zembula allows you to easily create highly engaging, interactive experiences with no coding necessary. Get up to 2x the conversions and 3x the engagement with fully customizable experiences that stand out from the crowd.

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Zembula features an ever-growing library of interactive experiences you can build to fit any campaign. We add new types regularly, so make sure to check back often!




Grow your email list with interactive content

Zembula experiences give you the option to reveal a form upon completion. This way, every view is a potential new customer. Increase your list size and grow your reach quickly and easily with our interactive, customer acquisition tool.  

Smart Campaigns make complicated initiatives easy

  • Set up a content rotation to give each visitor fresh content every time they land on your page.
  • A/B test experiences and learn more about your audience each campaign.
  • Serve different experiences at different times with a timeline.
  • Hold interactive sweepstakes with just a few clicks.

Stand out using psychology

Intrigue your audience using curiosity. The powerful psychological levers inherent to interactivity paired with interesting visuals and tension-creating language, make your marketing irresistible. Your visitors won’t be able to stop themselves from interacting to discover more of your experience. Offer a product or service discount to keep your audience coming back for more.

Make your website interactive



Create a seamless user experience on your very own webpage.



Grab attention with an easy-to-implement overlay.



Get all of the benefits of interactivity with an unobtrusive slide-in that catches the eye.

Get better email CTR

Send emails with a linked image or GIF that clicks out to an experience.  Try a discount, birthday, or loyalty email to cultivate an engaged audience that looks forward to your every communication.

Acme Facebook Mockup

Share interactivity with Facebook

Reach your following with interactive content. Each Facebook post features a static image that links to the interactive experience of your choice, all created from within our platform.

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Build an experience in minutes

Once you have your designs, building your experience is as easy as drag and drop. Pick from our library of interaction types to keep your content fresh. Each element is fully customizable, allowing you to create responsive and engaging experiences with ease.

You can also capture email addresses easily with our built-in email capture. Simply set your CTA and select a form.

Place and manage your content from one location

With our Snippets dashboard, you can easily generate a snippet of code to copy and paste anywhere you’d like, including your website, an email, your mobile app, or social media. Simply paste the permalink once, and then manage your experience from the comfort of your dashboard (no more bothering your developers!).

You can also connect an experience to a deployment option, like a Slide-in, and customize your visitor experience with sequencing, rotation, sweepstakes, or a/b testing.

If you’re feeling more advanced, you can customize your Snippets further with a host of API webhooks.

Learn more from every campaign

Head over to your analytics dashboard for insights that make you a better marketer. Deploy and test experiences, then quickly measure performance. Get your A/B test results and adjust your marketing plans with a few clicks. Watch your traffic and engagement grow over time in an easy-to-understand format.

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