Interactive Content Marketing Channels

The Zembula platform can bring interactivity to your marketing in more ways than you think. Send experiences in email, push them out through SMS, or publish them on your social feed. The possibilities for engagement are endless.


Email Marketing

Make your emails more engaging with interactive content. Zembula experiences can be sent through your existing ESP to stand out in your audience’s inbox. Refresh your most trusted channel and give it the performance boost it needs.

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SMS Marketing

Give your audience an experience with your brand that is not only convenient but also delightful. By sending interactive content made with Zembula’s platform in your SMS marketing campaigns, you can entertain your audience in new ways and ensure your brand gets remembered at the most important times.

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interactive social media

Social Media Marketing

Extend your brand’s reach and optimize every touchpoint by using Zembula in conjunction with social media. Posting our interactive experiences to your social media profiles can turn your followers into loyal customers by way of engagement.

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