Capture More Emails With Fun Interactive Content

Zembula helps you grow your email list with interactive content that delights and surprises your visitors.

Want to see what it looks like?

Use curiosity and FOMO in your marketing.


Grab more attention. Demand more action.


2x your most important marketing metrics.

Now that you’ve tried it, build it!


Design your experience using your favorite design software! It has three parts – a cover image, a reveal image and a call to action. Since the experience slides over your page, you don’t need to worry about altering your webpage.


Choose one of our 7 experience types that you would like to build. Use our WYSIWYG editor to drag and drop your cover and reveal images (that you already designed in step one) into place. Customize your call to action and interaction hint.

Activate and implement

Choose which webpage you would like to deploy your experience on and activate it. Just copy and paste a bit of pre-generated code onto the page and watch it work!



Take a look at your analytics dashboard in our platform and watch your engagement numbers soar. Collect traffic directly to your site when you use a slide in like we did here.

Jessica Berry BistroMD
“When we use Zembula consistently, our members know what they’re expected to do and engagement increases – and this is not necessarily an offer/discount every time.”

Jessica Barry, Marketing Assistant & Social Media Manager

Features that keep you on top of your marketing game


Works with all your self-hosted web pages including WordPress.


Works with any CRM.

Superior customer support available when you need it.
Fully customizable.
Mobile responsive design- works on all devices and browsers.
No need for a developer.