How To Drive Brand Awareness

Brand recognition is harder than ever. There are thousands of marketing messages released every day that compete with yours. Your customers are opening fewer and fewer emails, responding less frequently to social media, and generally not paying attention to you.

How can you overcome these obstacles and claim your fair share of mind? Try using Zembula experiences that entertain and delight your audience! Activities that elicit strong feelings, like fun or joy, have a better chance of being remembered. We’ll show you how.

First and foremost, you need to start with a solid plan for your fun and entertaining content.

Let’s say the basics of your campaign are as follows:
  1. You want to increase brand awareness by highlighting your brand’s awesome personality with interactive sticky content.
  2. The experience will be used in an email campaign that drives to an interstitial, and then to your blog.
  • Think about your objective: in this case getting more brand awareness.
    • To get your brand remembered you need to work extra hard to come off as fun, delightful and entertaining.
      • The best way to do this is with sticky content.
        • Remember sticky content is short, fun, and memorable. It can take the form of trivia. In this case, let’s say it does.
      • Use psychological drivers like curiosity to drive engagement with your trivia question. Some of the most successful campaigns we have seen at Zembula consist of trivia that digs into the viewer’s need to discover.
    • You will also need to use tension and contrast in your images. Make sure they stand out from the background of your email template.
  • Now that we have decided on the framework in which our campaign will exist, we need to get down to business and create our experience.
    • There are three parts of your experience; the cover, the reveal, and the CTA.
      • For the cover image and copy we want something fun, and lighthearted but that also gets down to business and asks your trivia question. (Note: your trivia question should probably be something relating to your business, although, it doesn’t HAVE to be. If you have a stellar idea that doesn’t fit that ideal, go for it!) Use language that is conversational.
  • For the image choose something eye-catching, light or bright colors work here. We love the idea of using cute animals to your benefit. Also, they get awesome click-through rates!
      • For the reveal image, we need to give your viewer the answer! Try to stick with the same theme. Make sure there isn’t too much copy on this image. They need to be able to read it.
      • The CTA should be inline with the rest of your message. Make sure to tell them where you are sending them (your blog.) Say something like “Find out more” or “Read more facts.”
  • Now just build your campaign in the platform and insert it into your email template.
  • Sit back and watch your brand awareness light up!
So let’s wrap it up.

To have a successful campaign when it comes to growing brand awareness:

  1. Cover and reveal images that have contrast and create tension for the viewer.
  2. Copy that incites curiosity and is fun for your audience to read!
  3. CTA copy that drives the click, is simple and straightforward and sends those that interact to your blog.

Want to know more? Check out our helpdesk article on brand awareness!

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