Determining How To Get Started

How to launch your first Zembula Campaign!

  1. Start with a killer plan. Ask yourself these questions

    • Who are you targeting?
    • What are you offering?
    • When are you launching your campaign?
    • Where will you be launching?
    • Why are you launching this campaign?
    • How will you measure success?
  2. Define your content

    • Building brand loyalty starts with providing real value to your customers. Here are our go-to content categories for Zembula campaigns:
      • Product announcements
      • Useful or entertaining information AKA sticky content
      • Loyalty programs
      • Triggered campaigns, like a welcome series
  3. Create your journey

    • Make sure your story is cohesive and engaging. Make the most impact with these tips:
      • Consider the full story arch, from your marketing channel to the final destination of your landing/conversion page, as you design creative and write copy.
      • Design to encourage engagement at each step of your user’s journey, including the initial touch point, the Zembula experience, and the destination.
      • Your CTA copy is just as important as your cover and reveal images. Make sure it makes sense for your objective and grabs attention.
    • Consider experience type
      • Will your content work best as a Zip-it, Scratch-it, Pull-it, Slide-it, or another experience type?
  4. Analyze your campaign and learn new insights

    • Our analytics tool will help you understand the behavior of your users on the journey. Make adjustments based on these insights and watch your campaigns gain momentum over time.

Want to know more? Check out our helpdesk article on how to launch your first Zembula campaign.

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