Bring your designs to life

Discover how easy it is to add interactivity to your designs with the Zembula platform.

Easily create highly engaging experiences that convert

Zembula allows you to easily create highly engaging, interactive experiences with no coding necessary. Get up to 4x the conversions with fully customizable email captures that stand out from the crowd.

Explore our interaction types

Zembula features an ever-growing library of interaction types you can build to fit any campaign.
We add new types regularly, so make sure to check back often!




Convert more engaged visitors

Use interactivity to grow your email list faster than ever before.

Our interactive email captures slide in on your website and engage your visitors from the start. Our clients typically see a 22x increase in their email lists.

You can also add additional form fields like name and company information to make segmenting and personalization even easier.

Exit-intent zembula

Convert more abandoning visitors

Take your exit intent overlay and make it better.

We combine the powers of interactivity and marketing psychology with the proven effectiveness of exit intent overlays to give you the extra oomph when it comes to email acquisition. Give your audience something they have never seen before and watch more emails than you could have ever imagined roll into your lists.

Improve your email click-through rate

Send emails your customers actually look forward to.

Sending our interactive content in email can improve your email click-through rate 4x. Your audience will actually like your emails again.

You can even dynamically update your emailed experiences in the platform. Set a custom expiration image to give your audience an immersive brand experience.

Crush all types of campaign goals

We’ve done the heavy lifting so you can hold sweepstakes, run A/B tests, rotate experiences, and personalize your user experience with no extra thought.

Set up complex interactive campaigns right from the platform with a few clicks.

Add marketing psychology to your mix

Zembula’s interactive experiences are backed by 6 principals of psychology. Adding them to your marketing mix is the easiest way to inject a little neuromarketing into your strategy.


Demand action and pique curiosity.


Let FOMO drive user behavior.


Get more people to invest in your brand with the endowment effect.


Encourage further participation with near miss theory.


Use operant conditioning to train visitors.


Increase loyalty and let customers feel ownership over your messages with the Ikea effect.

Explore our user-friendly platform

Build an experience in minutes

We have everything you need to make your designs come alive. The best part is that it only takes a few clicks.

Our platform features help you get started faster:

– Easy to follow wizards for campaign creation
– WYSIWYG editor so you can drag and drop your way to interactive content

Control everything from one place

You can manage all your interactive content from the platform. Turn campaigns on or off, deploy them on specific pages or to specific audiences, and set campaign goals from one dashboard.

Features that make your life easier:

– Global snippet code that you only need to place one time for all campaigns forever
– Set up A/B tests, sweepstakes or rotations on a campaign by campaign basis
– Set deployment triggers and rules like display page, scroll depth, and frequency

Connect to anything easily

We work with anything you have. We even have a ton of pre-set up integrations. No need to enter your key, we will send all your collected email directly to your database.

We can make all the connections:
– Choose from a list pre set up integrations or manually link your ESP with a few clicks.
– Send info directly to your ESP for easy retargeting
– Map custom fields to your ESP for easy personalization and segmentation

Measure your success!

Get the useful insights you need to be a better marketer in our analytics dashboard.

– Find out which of your audiences is the most engaged
– A/B test experiences to find out what works best with your visitors

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