Your business’ success hangs in the balance of your website traffic. We can help.

Use our interactive content in your emails to drive more people to your site and get them to purchase more, more often.

Zembula helps enterprise businesses crush their traffic goals with interactive content sent via email.

Our interactive content is powered by psychological principles including curiosity and the fear of missing out. It is proven to increase consumers’ attention spans, and to increase your click-through rates 4x. More email clicks means more traffic and more traffic means more opportunities to sell.


Enterprise businesses, like yours are already getting massive click-through rate improvements.


What does a better email click-through rate mean to your business?

more traffic

More Traffic

Getting more clicks on your emails means more people on your pages. You’ll be opening up more buying opportunities and ultimately making more sales!

better email placement

Better Email Placement and Deliverability

When more people click on your emails, your email placement and deliverability get better, making your chances of getting thrown in the spam folder slim to none!

tracking and cookies

Tracking and Cookies

More traffic also means more chances to retarget your visitors. Higher click-throughs on emails get you a wider net when it comes to following your prospects around the web.

Why does Zembula get you more clicks on your emails?

We are the experts in interactive content.

Interactivity is better at grabbing attention. It stands out amongst all the other clutter out there. We provide you with bite-sized pieces of interactive content – and they come with all the benefits. Our clients using our experiences in email have reported a 4x improvement in click-through rates.

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It is not just a gimmick.

Zembula experiences are powered by psychology and have proven their effectiveness over time. You can use the strong forces of curiosity and the fear of missing out to your marketing advantage with no extra effort

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Create impactful conversations with your buyers.

True, deep personalization is really difficult and time consuming. You can achieve a similar intimate feel to your marketing with interactivity. It creates a 1 to 1 conversation without the need for digging into all the data.

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Sit back and relax. We have got it under control.

We would love to take your campaign from start to finish. Our excellent customer success team can handle it all from strategy, to design, and finally to execution. If you’d like to go at it alone, or just need less help, we can create a custom package for you too.

Services we offer:

  • Strategy: We would love to help you come up with your very own interactive content marketing strategy. We can help you brainstorm creative ways to use Zembula to reach your goals.
  • Implementation: Zembula already works in all ESPs and works for all email clients, so you won’t have to worry about anything breaking. However, if you want help with email creation, strategy, design, or implementation, we can help with that!
  • Design: Our team of design experts is on hand to create a one of a kind interactive campaign for you.

Interested in using interactive content in email?