Zembula’s Smart Blocks™ Defined

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Creating personalized content at scale is challenging. You don’t want to spend valuable hours manually tweaking messages, stopping and starting workflows, and running endless A/B tests to get it right.

Marketers have way too much on their plates to worry about clunky processes and workflows. Instead, make it automated. Send personalized emails in a flash — no coding needed. 

Smart Blocks™ help you make it happen. Here’s how they work. 

What are Smart Blocks™?

Smart Blocks™ are dynamic content anchors within your email templates displaying individualized messages to your readers. 

They work just like our Smart Banners™. But instead of floating at the top of the email, the blocks display within the email message. 

The concept is the same: 

  • Set up your email template on our platform
  • Connect your data sources (CRMs, ESPs, eCommerce, and loyalty)
  • Add a snippet of code to the template
  • Set up your data parameters for when personalized data gets displayed to each reader

From there, you’re good to go. Zembula’s AI-powered Campaign Decision Engine runs through every reader, checks their data, reviews your criteria, and then delivers the best message to them — automatically. 

When readers meet the data parameters you set, they get a Smart Block™ that displays a personalized message. And, if there’s a change, you don’t have to worry about pausing your campaigns. Smart Blocks™ update at the moment of open, not send.

Choose your reader’s adventure — no segmenting required

Smart Blocks™ are compelling because you have dozens of options to display personalized email content to your readers. 

zembula smart block examples

You have so much data to choose from, including behavioral, transaction, location, loyalty, shopping history, and birthday or anniversary information. That enables you to send your readers one or multiple personalized messages and catch their attention.

And if something changes, you don’t have to go back and edit the HTML. Instead, the Campaign Decision Engine does it for you. 

That leaves you more time to work on creating compelling copy or analyzing the numbers on your latest campaign instead of calling IT for help fixing code. 

With Smart Blocks™, you don’t have to segment your list. Every email you send now has the opportunity to highlight personalized content at scale for your readers, driving more engagement and action. 

Smart Blocks™ in action

Want to take a look at a few examples of Smart Blocks™? Check out a few different ways these can help you improve your customer’s email experience. 

Here’s an example of an email showing how Smart Blocks™ and Smart Banners™ can work in harmony. The primary email message is promotional, highlighting an upcoming sale.

But the personalization is what makes it stand out. The banner displays an abandoned cart item. And there are two personalized blocks. One shows the reader their current loyalty point status, and the other features recommended products with user-generated reviews.

Smart Block

Smart Blocks™ work perfectly on mobile devices too, which matters since more readers are opening emails on their phones. And, since you have so many templates (or create your own designs) to choose from, you’ll never send stale messages.

Having that variety can help extend visibility, increasing engagement over the long run.


A bold Smart Block™ catches the eye. Add personalized animation, such as loyalty data or a special offer, and you’re making it very enticing for a reader to click. Encouraging action will help boost your conversions and revenue. 

Team up with Zembula to do more

Want to give Smart Blocks™ a try? We’d love to walk you through the Zembula platform and how to use Smart Blocks™ and Smart Banners™ to transform your emails. 

The possibilities to create more personalized emails and build a connection with your customers are endless. So take the first step and get in touch today, and we’ll set you up with a demo. 

Click here to get started and request a demo.

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