Why You Shouldn’t Be Paying As Much As You Do For Movable Ink For Email

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Email personalization has become an integral part of almost every brand’s marketing strategy. Consumers now expect to find relevant information in their inbox that is tailor-made for them personally! 

Marketers have done their best to adapt. We now collect and use more data than ever to personalize our emails, and we’re getting better at it! But that doesn’t mean it’s not still challenging.

One of the biggest challenges marketers face when it comes to creating highly personalized emails with their data is the cost, which can range up to the 10’s of dollars CPM!

Movable Ink is a popular choice among marketers when it comes to personalization tools, and it was one of the best choices, until now. Zembula has figured out a way to get you the same personalized email content for a fraction of the cost. Plus, we’ve made it more accessible and easy to use! 

Here are some of the ways Zembula outshines Movable Ink:

We let you use your data the way you want it (no apps!)

Traditionally, email personalization was brought to you by way of apps within a solution like Movable Ink. Apps are coded email images with narrowly defined data points from one source. This means that each image can only contain one data source and the design and development takes quite a bit of time. They are inflexible and hard to change once they have been produced.

While Movable Ink uses apps to bring data to your email creation, Zembula lets you use the data straight from your existing marketing stack to personalize your emails. You can connect any number of sources including your ESP, commerce platform, your website, your CRM, or anything else you have plus any available API. You don’t need to code your images, just use our editor to drag and drop elements into place. Our flexibility is key to letting you use your data in new and creative ways.

You can use as many data sources in the same image as you’d like 

Unlike Movable Ink, we let you use more than one data source in the same image. This allows you to create emails more easily with fewer images, making us much easier and quicker to use.

You can drag and drop your data on to your images with our editor

At Zembula we believe that marketers should have the power when it comes to flexibility and making changes on the fly. This is why we’ve designed an easy to use editor that puts all the power of your own data at your fingertips. You have total control over your content; making changes and scheduling new content takes a matter of minutes. This means more autonomy in your department (your marketers will thank you!).

Zembula is priced as a utility

Zembula starts at just $3,000 a year. This is significantly less than Movable Ink. So you get all power of email personalization for a fraction of the cost. Plus it’s easy to use and lets you use your data in a flexible way! 

When it comes to email personalization you have a lot of tools to choose from. While most of these tools will boast similar feature sets, Zembula’s price will set you up for the best ROI. Movable Ink can help you personalize your emails, but you might want to reexamine your choice. Zembula is easier to use and easier on your budget. Let us prove it to you! Check out the way we do things.