What are the Benefits of SMS Personalization?

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Personalization is increasingly important for customers across all marketing channels. While personalization in email is one of the best ways to stand out among the competition, don’t forget about SMS. 

That’s right; it’s time to go all-in on SMS personalization. It’s another channel to connect with your customers, improve their experience, and build trust along the way. 

Learn the benefits of sending more personalized text messages — for you and your customers.

Higher open rates

Compared to other communications, SMS messages still have very high open rates. The vast majority of messages are opened within five minutes of receiving them — take advantage of that opportunity. 

Personalizing the message with your reader’s name and other key information is a great way to grab their attention from the start. Start with including multiple animated images in every text and stack personalized links.

Incorporating SMS personalization increases open rates and creates a sense of relevance and urgency. That helps compel subscribers to take immediate action and engage with your message, leading to more conversions and revenue.

More engagement

Today’s consumers don’t want to be talked at by brands anymore. Communication should be a two-way street. That’s where SMS messaging stands out, and personalizing SMS messages can do even more.

Tailoring messages to each recipient helps remove the feeling that the reader is getting a generic blast text they can ignore. At Zembula, we use the same technology in our SMS messages as our emails. That makes it easy to tap into performative personalization and deliver personalized SMS that boost revenue-driving actions. 

Instead, they’re more likely to engage and take action when they know they’ll get texts with personalized information tailored to their preferences and past shopping behavior. 

Improve customer experience

Brands have very few channels to speak directly with consumers, and SMS is one of them. While email marketing is still the primary driver, don’t ignore the power of coordinating your SMS and email campaigns

zembula personalized sms email

Personalized SMS is yet another way to improve the customer experience. Use your data to send relevant and targeted messages to your readers.

Let them know about:

  • Abandoned cart and browse opportunities
  • Loyalty updates
  • Shipment tracking
  • Personalized events, deals, and coupons
  • And more

Personalized text messages not only help your shoppers. Give them individualized information through every stage of their journey, from a welcome series to post-purchase tips and advice.

Stronger brand loyalty

Every brand hopes customers fall in love and stick around for the long term. But you have to do your part to help make that happen. 

Great products go a long way, but so does the overall customer experience, including service (pre- and post-purchase) and treating your best customer well. For your most loyal customers, turn to SMS personalization to deliver a wow experience and get more ROI

Create a more human connection, making your loyalty members feel valued and special. Send them texts that give them real-time updates about their membership points, and let them know how to use them to purchase. Or highlight special members-only events.

Add SMS personalization to your marketing mix

It’s time to start investing in your entire marketing ecosystem, including SMS messages. Use these messages in tandem with email marketing, social media, and in-store displays.

Personalized SMS messages can help your brand reach more consumers and build a better, more personalized customer experience. This can lead to more clicks, conversions, and revenue, building long-term customer value and loyalty. 

If you want to learn more about how SMS personalization works and how to incorporate it into your current marketing campaigns, get in touch. We’d love to walk you through the Zembula platform. 

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