Smart Banner™ Tips for Holiday Season 2022

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Whether you are ready or not, it’s time to start thinking about your next holiday season. And this one is going to be a challenge! 

With consumer behavior shifting and a possible recession looming, you need to take advantage of the time you have now to get ahead. Personalization will be super important for increasing conversions and improving customer lifetime value

Using Zembula Smart Banners™ this upcoming holiday season is a great way to cash in on more revenue, but you need to do it right! We’ve got three expert tips we learned in the trenches. These are crucial to having a successful holiday season

Tip #1: Don’t use non-revenue driving Smart Banners™ for emails that aim to drive revenue.

If your goal is to drive revenue in an email, that entire email should be revenue focused. That means if you send out a Black Friday promotion, don’t add a call to join your loyalty program in the Smart Banner™. We have seen this play out in real life, and the conflicting CTAs take away from the brand’s revenue. 

Instead, try these smart banners in revenue-driving emails. 

  1. Use sale-oriented content 
  2. Showcase shipping cut-offs
  3. Show shipment or loyalty status

Tip #2: Automate where you can.

The ability to schedule content pertaining to sales and shipping cutoffs has been a lifesaver for our customers. 

Instead of changing over content at midnight or whenever your sale ends or changes, make sure to add a new Smart Banner™ to your block in the platform and set the time of display. This way, you can sit back and relax (or work frantically on other stuff — let’s be real).

Tip #3: Incorporate holiday-themed smart banners into your welcome series.

During the holiday season, you will have more traffic, and you will also likely see more people signing up to get your emails so they can cash in on deals. 

Don’t forget that your welcome series is a great way to engage with new subscribers and get them into lifelong customers once the season is over.

Use holiday-themed Smart Banners™ in your welcome series, and make sure to highlight your current deal! Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are likely better than your new subscriber discounts, so making them aware of that can encourage a purchase even faster! 

If you’d like help planning out your holiday campaigns with Smart Banners™, we’d love to help and share any industry knowledge we have.

Make sure to reach out to schedule a strategy session today!

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