Increase the Number of Mortgage Leads You Close on Velocify by Adding Ratings and Reviews to Your Email Campaigns

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Keeping leads engaged until they are ready to interact with the sales team is one of the biggest challenges for mortgage companies. Your messaging competes with tens of thousands of others messages from brands every day.

To help sales teams stay top of mind and have higher success rates when engaging leads, CRMs now include various communication tools. The most effective of these tools continues to be email. Email is still more effective than social media and has the advantage of giving sales teams total control over when and how they choose to communicate with their leads. 

Velocify is a CRM designed from the ground up to meet the demands of the mortgage sales process. One of its featured tools is the email campaign manager, which is simple yet has a robust feature set.

Velocify esp

Zembula lets you add additional tools to your Velocify email communications that will help you engage your leads in new ways.

Ratings and Reviews Help You Gain Your Lead’s Trust Quicker

If customers decide to end up working with your brand or the competition is ultimately based on trust. That’s why content that helps build trust in your brand will help improve your sales figures. One of the most effective types of content that helps brands build trust is user-generated ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews signal to your leads that other people just like them have trusted your brand while at the same time providing them with information that they were looking for. 

Zembula’s ratings and review content blocks let you add personalized ratings and reviews to your Velocify email campaigns. Our ratings and reviews content block integrate with your customer data so every email you send to your leads is as effective as possible. 

This way, you can increase the likelihood of reading the information they need to inform their decisions. 

DIY Installation Process and Intuitive User Interface

Zembula Ratings and Reviews example

Adding new tools to your CRM is typically either too expensive or too time-consuming for most sales teams. Zembula solves this by making adding all of our feature set fast and easy. To install Zembula, all you have to do is copy-paste a few lines of code to the body of your email, and you’re all set. 

Our user interface was designed to fit into your existing workflow. It’s based on a WYSIWYG user interface with drag and drop functionality that allows you to build your emails in minutes. 

Click here to set up a call with one of our email experts so that we can help you explore how Zembula can help you close more sales.

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