How Personalized SMS Is the Key To Unlocking Customer Loyalty

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As a marketer, your job comes down to understanding two things about the people you’re trying to reach: in what format they consume information and the style or tone of communication that resonates.

If you can bore down to the essence of understanding the intersection of how your target consumer wants to receive information and what style of messaging gets their attention, the rest is just details.

News flash: People are getting more information on their phones than from anywhere else. Boom! That’s the first piece of information that you need to understand.

The second part may not be quite as obvious, though it should be once you understand a bit more about consumer psychology. And that is that to get respect, you’ve got to give it. People want to be spoken to as individuals, not as a group. It’s called personalization, and it’s the second key to your success.

That’s what we’re talking about today: How to combine SMS, or text messages delivered to phones, with personalization. Do that, and you’ve found the key to unlocking customer loyalty.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

There’s no sense knocking on a door when you know that nobody’s home. It’s the same thing with marketing. Why send a message to a place where nobody is looking? To be successful, you’ve got to go to where your people are spending their time. And, like it or not, we all know that’s on the phone.

That’s why SMS marketing in 2023 is critical. The first key to building customer loyalty is to make it easy for your customers to find you. Don’t make them come to you. Instead, bring your messaging directly to them.

Consumers themselves send more than four times more text messages using their phones than they do emails. So it stands to reason that if they are on their phones sending texts, SMS marketing is the best way to reach them.

With Zembula, you can use your data to create sophisticated and even animated SMS messages. Don’t guess. Instead, create messages that get attention and actually convert them into transactions.

And you can do it all using the customer data you’re already collecting — things like browse history, purchase history, and location data. Zembula gives you the power to use that data to create engaging, personalized messages that hit on just the right topics at just the right times.

Did you realize that 97% of Americans own a cell phone? And that they check their phones about once every 10 minutes? Let’s not overthink this. The place to reach your customers is on their phones.

Personalization Is the Key to Conversion

Now that we know where to reach consumers let’s talk about creating the kinds of messages that they won’t ignore. It all comes down to personalization. That is the single biggest key to building brand loyalty.

A study showed that nearly 75 percent of respondents say they hate being shown content that’s not relevant to them. People lead busy lives. Nobody has the time to deal with stuff that isn’t specific to their interests. The default reaction to nameless messages that aren’t hyper-specific is to delete them.

For your message to be noticed, it must be laser-focused. You’ve got to address your customer by name, and you have to show them something that you know they want to see.

Once again, it all comes down to the data you’re already collecting. Zembula lets you harness that data to much greater effect. Instead of sending the same thing to everyone on your list, you can get super specific so that each person gets a message that feels totally unique to them and their interests.

Zembula’s Smart Banner™ and Smart Block™ technology makes it incredibly simple for you to automatically build personalized campaigns. Our AI-powered Campaign Decision Engine sifts through your data to choose the correct Smart Banner™ or Smart Block™ for each individual.

It all happens in just a fraction of a second, and it only takes a snippet of code to pull it all together.

SMS + Personalization: The One-Two Punch To Winning Customer Loyalty

Which of these two hypothetical companies would you be loyal to?

The one that sends you generic messages with a bunch of random stuff, most of which you could care less about?

Or the one that calls you by name and gives you an interesting offer on a product that you’ve been thinking about buying?

It’s pretty obvious. If you want to get on the right side of customer loyalty, you have to show your customer that you care about them. The best way to do that is to message them where they like to receive their information and to send them information that they actually care about.

Zembula makes effective SMS marketing so much simpler than you may think.

If you’re ready to see the results for yourself, let’s talk!

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