A Simple Checklist SMS Marketing Campaigns

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Regardless if you’re planning to start an SMS marketing campaign soon or you’ve had one going for years, there are some key components every campaign needs. 

SMS marketing is gaining popularity, and that’s because it works. One of the biggest benefits of an SMS campaign is that data shows consumers open up their text messages within three minutes of receiving them. That’s a sort of immediate connection to consumers that’s hard to beat. 

As you start getting your campaigns up and running, there are a few key dos and don’ts you want to follow to help boost your campaign engagements. Here are a few areas you want to focus on to help. 

Get permission

This one should be pretty obvious, but it’s worth highlighting because it’s important. Make sure you get permission from those you plan to text. If you don’t, it’s a very easy way to destroy any trust they may have already built in your brand. 

A simple way to do this is to add an opt-in box to any form that asks for phone numbers so potential customers can decide for themselves. Relatedly, make sure any campaign you send has a way for your customers to easily opt-out.

Set goals

You have established goals and KPIs for your email marketing campaigns, right? Do the same for your text message campaigns. The last thing any marketer should do is jump into a brand new channel without setting up some parameters first. 

Having an established set of goals and KPIs will help you determine if you’re getting an ROI for your efforts. It will also help you see where SMS fits into the rest of your marketing strategy, especially if you plan to use texting hand in hand with email.

Write good copy

It’s far harder to write something that’s a few sentences compared to a few paragraphs. So your copy really matters. You want to be informative and engaging while also driving action. That may feel impossible in less than 200 characters. 

Focus on cutting the fluff and getting directly to the point. SMS messages should have clear and compelling language that offers value. And, maybe most importantly, make sure it has a call to action. It may take a few tries to nail the right tone and messaging, so keep testing responses.

Add personalization

One of the biggest drivers of email marketing success today is personalization. Customers want it, and brands need to deliver it. The same is true with SMS marketing. Don’t assume that you can get by with endless generic blasts.

sms loyalty example

While it’s not yet quite as easy to personalize text messages, there is still more opportunity for personalization than you might realize. First, work on segmenting your customers into smaller lists. Then, look at other strategies such as creating personalized links to landing pages, sharing loyalty, and tracking information. 

Stay relevant

No brand wants to send dull, stale, or out-of-touch messages. And that goes for any one of your marketing channels. Relevancy goes hand in hand with personalization, and it may be even more critical in SMS campaigns where you don’t have as many opportunities to connect as with email.

So as you develop your campaign messaging and goals, make sure you focus on the campaigns that will give you the best bang for your buck. And that doesn’t always mean just focusing on sales messages. Adding value and being helpful are still ways to impact customer trust positively. 

We can help

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