7 Benefits of SMS Marketing

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One of the biggest challenges marketers face is getting customers’ attention. If you’ve spent any time at all trying to do this, you know it’s easier said than done. 

Consumers are bombarded with content and information today. They’ve already got an overflowing inbox, busy lives, and overall content shock. So breaking through and reaching consumers, and getting them to take action, is a mighty task for marketers. 

Email helps. It’s a vital part of any omnichannel marketing strategy. But other approaches can add to the mix, including SMS marketing.

If you’re interested in how texting could help your brand, here are a few of the main benefits of it to explore.

Better open rates

Spend any time looking at email open rates, and you’ll see that numbers are pretty low. Now, add Apple’s new privacy rules to the mix, and your email open rate is a stat that probably isn’t going to be super reliable going forward. 

Where SMS marketing stands out is its high open rates. Data shows that over 95% of text messages get read, a number that blows email open rates out of the water. 

Contact customers immediately

Did you know that 90% of consumers read a text message within the first few minutes of getting it? And nearly 100% read within 20 minutes? You can’t beat the timing SMS marketing provides. 

When you want to reach customers with important news, critical notifications, and events like flash sales, texting can be a great way to connect immediately. Plus, adding texting to your email notifications improves your message visibility helping you stand out from other brands.

Integrate with other channels

Another benefit of SMS marketing is you can easily integrate it with your other marketing channels. That helps provide a seamless way to communicate with your customers.

Combine your text messaging with email marketing to pack a powerful one-two punch. For example, you can send an email about an upcoming product release and then have a text go out with a personalized link to everyone on your list who hasn’t opened the email. 

Higher click-through rates

Today, it’s all about the clicks, right? That’s one of the best ways to measure if your copy successfully drives consumers to take action. Industry-wide, email click-through rates hover in the single digits, around 3%. 

With SMS, those rates are much higher. Research shows click rates are often around 30%, giving you a much better chance to convert potential customers. Just a small lift in conversion rates can significantly boost revenue.

More personalization

Personalization is vital for customers. Email marketing does a great job of bringing more personalized content to your readers. That helps them build trust with your brand and want to purchase from you.

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The same is true with SMS marketing. When sending texts, consumers can feel like your brand is communicating with them on a 1:1 level. The best part of SMS marketing is you can tailor each message to your audience and customize them to fit each recipient’s interests. 

Increase engagement

The more a customer engages with your brand, the better the chance they’ll take action, through opening, clicking, and converting. Expanding your current marketing campaigns to include text messaging is a great way to keep reminding customers to take action and drive engagement levels.

Plus, for many, texting feels like a much more personal way to communicate. When a customer can reply to you via text, it can help them feel like they’re getting more individualized attention versus being one in a crowd of many.

Lots of campaign options

Another benefit of texting your customers is it’s easy to send out a ton of different campaigns. From abandoned cart notifications to loyalty points updates and appointment reminders, there are plenty of possibilities. 

That helps you stay top of mind, and it makes integrating your texting with your existing email marketing campaigns that much easier. And, with the added benefit of higher click-through rates, it means you may improve your conversions as well.

SMS marketing is a great way to create a lasting relationship with your clients. Consider it part of your overall digital marketing strategy, and it will help boost your engagement and keep your brand at the top of your customer’s minds.

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