5 Ways eCommerce Brands Can Use Personalized Smart Banners™

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We all know email works. But, it doesn’t work in the same way for every brand and industry. There are specific challenges and opportunities for service brands versus retailers versus eCommerce shops. You shouldn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to your email marketing. Otherwise, you’re going to disappoint your customers and miss out.

That’s why eCommerce brands need to focus on the strategies and tactics that will help them reach customers, build good relationships, and sell products. Email personalization is a huge driver of success and should be one of the key focus areas for your campaigns.

So, eCommerce brands need to develop innovative ways to engage customers, offer personalized email content, and increase message visibility. How to do it? We’ve got just the tool to help: Smart Banners™.

Say bye to generic email blasts

Sending out a generic email not aimed at anyone specific may have worked in the past, and you’ll still get a few clicks today. But, there is a better way to do it, and that’s with Smart Banners™.

zembula smart banner Campaign Decision Engine

A Smart Banner™ is an easy way to turn every email you send into something that’s personalized to your reader. Since more consumers demand personalized emails from eCommerce brands, you need to deliver. Otherwise, you may lose out on potential customers. 

If you’re worried that level of personalization might be too much to handle, don’t — Smart Banners™ work by adding a snippet of code to your email templates. Using your customer data, our Decision Engine determines which Smart Banner™ goes to each customer. It saves you time and energy in the long run, leaving you to focus on other tasks.

Check out how eCommerce brands can use Smart Banners™

Want to see a few Smart Banners™ in action? We thought you’d never ask. For eCommerce brands, in particular, there are a bunch of different templates you can use to boost personalization and drive engagement

Here are a few of our favorites:

Abandoned cart

Of course, every eCommerce brand keeps an eye on those abandoned cart stats. However, with the cart abandonment rate floating around 70%, there are opportunities to get more conversions. 

Here’s where Smart Banners™ can make a huge difference. When your reader has left something in their cart, a Smart Banner™ can appear on the top of every email you send, giving them personalized information and a call to action to complete the purchase.

Browse abandonment

browse abandonment smart banner ecommerce

Just as with abandoned cart Smart Banners™, you can add a similar level of personalization with browse abandonment notifications. 

As long as you have customer browse data available, you can use it to send a reminder to your list that a product they looked at is still waiting for them. If you want to add a bit of FOMO, give them updates when inventory is running low or add a countdown clock.


countdown timer anniversay sale

Marketing emails are a critical way eCommerce brands can get customers to buy. But, what if you have a flash sale, special event, or offer deals of the day? Is sending out one reminder email enough?

Probably not. Here’s another place where Smart Banners™ make all the difference. Now, when you have a sale event happen, keep that message visible all the time. 

Package tracking

beard company package tracking

Any eCommerce brand knows just how important package tracking is for customers. If your customer doesn’t have tabs on their shipping information, you will probably get swamped with where are my order (WISMO) calls.

Smart Banners™ help remove the guesswork. Add these to your arsenal, and every time your customer opens an email from you, they’ll get the most up-to-date info on their package, reducing your WISMO calls.

Order replenishment


A key part of any eCommerce strategy is to get first-time buyers to come back for more. In most cases, that’s easier said than done. But personalized Smart Banners™ make it possible to improve your customer’s lifetime value.

Stand out by using a Smart Banner™ to remind customers to replenish their order. This is a great way to build a long-term relationship with your customer by giving them personalized product information based on what they’ve bought in the past.

Ready to give Smart Banners™ a try?

Your eCommerce email marketing strategy needs to go beyond the basics. Sending the occasional newsletter and sale announcement doesn’t cut it anymore. 

We can help. Get in touch, schedule a demo, and see how Smart Banners™ can make a difference in your emails.

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