The 5 Best Interactive Content Types for Email

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been covering every aspect of interactive email campaigns. From giving you the basics of interactive email, to looking ahead for the state of interactive email in 2018, we’ve been dropping knowledge to make your next email marketing campaign a huge success.

In case you missed it, let’s go over a few reasons why interactive email is the strategy to base your marketing around. First, email boasts the largest return on investment for marketers. For every $1 spent, e-mail marketing generates $38 in ROI. Adding interactive items will only transform it into a more epic marketing tool. Second, interactive email is successful in helping your brand achieve differentiation from competitors. In fact, 83% of marketers believe interactive content separates their campaigns from the herd or marketing messages in their customer’s inboxes.

Now that we understand why we need an interactive email strategy. Let’s explore the most effective content types for your next email campaign.


Video content in your email campaigns not only helps your customers remember the information you serve up, but it also aligns nicely with customer’s desires in today’s modern digital world. Consumers demand more video content, and the brands that are able to step up to the plate will reap great rewards. In fact, 43% of consumers say that they want more video content from brands.

You can add a boost of interactivity to your next campaign by creating top-notch video content that keeps your customers engaged with your marketing message and creates brand loyalty.


In 2018, no brand can afford to ignore the marketing power of GIFs. A recent study by Mesh Marketing Agency found that interactive content such as GIFs is 40x more likely to be shared on social media than static content. This viral quality helps boost the reach of your message while keeping your readers entertained.

Try using Zembula’s GIF builder today to add the spice of interactive content to your next email campaign and watch your brand awareness soar!

Interactive White Papers

Despite all the advancements in content types over the past few years, E-books and white papers still remain a valuable way to inform your customers about your products or services. In fact, white papers are still among the three most requested content types by B2B marketers, with 78% of marketers saying they are valuable for purchasing decisions.

Create an interactive white paper today and check out our examples if you get stuck creating killer content that converts or fostering customer interaction with your marketing message.


Interactive infographics are going to be the biggest trend in email marketing campaign content this upcoming year. Since 2016, adoption of infographics has steadily been on the rise in the marketing industry. To stand out in the New Year, static infographics simply won’t cut it. In order to remain on the cutting edge of your industry, adding a layer of interactivity to every campaign type will be necessary!

Start today by converting an existing static infographic into an interactive version, and be sure to A/B test your email campaign to see how much an added boost of interactivity effects your click-through rate.

Zembula Experiences

If you know anything about Zembula, you know our products are based in Reveal Marketing. Backed by 6 key psychological principles, Reveal marketing requires the recipient to interact with your message by sliding, clicking, unzipping or otherwise manipulating your content in some way to reveal a hidden aspect of your communication. Reveal Marketing is effective because it utilizes core components of human psychology to drive engagement.

Get your next campaign started today by learning more about using Zembula experiences to boost your Email CTR and start proving the ROI of interactive content strategies for your marketing team right away!

Now that we’ve covered the 5 most effective types of interactive content for email campaigns, learn more about how Zembula’s solution can revolutionize your marketing efforts by checking our resources page or scheduling a demo today.

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