Make Changes at the Speed of Design

We give you the power to make email changes on the fly

  • Make the most of your data: drag and drop from your existing data bases into your Zembula images.
  • Easy to use: Just place the image code one time and update the design in our platform.
  • Get more marketing autonomy: make changes without editing or testing your email code.
  • Remove the fear of pressing send: make changes after you press send and watch them update with every open.
  • Save time: streamline scheduling all from the platform months in advance.

Use The Data You Have To Create Truly Dynamic Email Content

Our solution will normalize the data from your entire marketing stack and make it usable in your email content. All you have to do is connect the source and drag and drop your way to personalized images in our editor.

Organize Your Content Like A Pro

Use groups and rules to organize and display your content. Use multiple content blocks in your emails or combine with notifications for a truly dynamic email experience.

Use multiple content blocks, like a notification, a hero content block and a body content block within the same email!

You Can Use This For Any Email Content Type!


Abandoned Cart


Shipment Tracking


Flash Sales


Nurture Content

Any other content you can think of.

Ready to get started?

Zembula’s Built To Support Important Scenarios Our Competition Can’t Handle

Zembula’s Built To Support Important Scenarios Our Competition Can’t Handle

  • Display different image sizes and designs based on mobile vs. desktop. Or any criteria you might have.
  • Display different image sizes based on where the content block is located within the email template.
  • Completely change the block’s content without changing the email’s HTML Code and reduce testing time.
  • Make updates to live content without any down time. Just schedule the replacement to take over immediately or a specific date and time in the future.
  • Change anything and everything from our editor. We don’t use apps, so our templates are just starting points.
  • Use any mix of data sources within an image or any variant of that image. There is no limit to your creativity.

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