Why Narvar Isn’t Your Best Package Tracking Option

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What’s the biggest opportunity your missing in your most opened email? Is Narvar solving it for you?

What’s missing? We are going to dig in to discover the massive opportunity almost every brand has lurking inside one of their most opened emails.

At Zembula we realized that shipping emails aren’t delivering the best possible customer experience right now, and it’s a big opportunity! 

When you break down current email shipping notifications they are usually built from these core email components:

  • Package tracking number
  • Button to track (goes to shipping company website)
  • Purchased items list
  • Recommended products
  • Maybe a promotion.

The package tracking number & tracking button

Narvar is the first company to discover the opportunity missed in shipping emails. They realized that the tracking experience was broken for the user. Before Narvar the consumers user experience was:

  1. Receive tracking email with tracking number and button that links to the shipping company’s website (like UPS or Fedex’s website).
  2. The consumer copies and pastes the shipping number into the shipping companies website and sees where their package is located.

The major problem with this old tracking experience

First, your letting the customer go to someone else’s website from your email? Really? That breaks all the rules we’ve ever learned about marketing and controlling the users experience. 

Secondly, they have to copy and paste a number? That’s broken too.

Has Narvar come to save the day?

Narvar built a custom landing page for brands that allows them to pass through the tracking ID from the email, and go to a branded landing page that Narvar hosts. The page provides the tracking progress in a widget and allows the brand to add several other custom promotional widgets.

Is Narvar’s solution the best experience we can deliver?

Up until recently, the answer was yes. Now, however, there’s another, better way!

Questions to ask yourself about the Narvar experience

  1. Why is the landing page necessary?
  2. Does the landing page provided the best user experience?

At Zembula we realized the answer to these questions is a resounding NO

What is the best user experience?

The best user experience is to open the email and have all the latest information presented to the consumer in their email, without forcing them to click out! You’re probably asking yourself these questions right now:

  • But email isn’t accurate at the moment of open, right? 
    • Wrong. Zembula has solved this, so your email updates its content each and every time it’s opened. 
  • I’ve heard about this technology and it’s really expensive, right? 
  • Why didn’t Narvar put this content in their emails?
    • Likely, they simply didn’t know this was a possibility when they started building their company and software.

Every component that we mentioned at the beginning of this post can be handled with Zembula’s live image technology inside the email. 

You can now easily deliver the ultimate consumer experience without the user having to click out. By using unique personalized content, the only click out you’ll need is directly to your own website!

Consider putting these live components in your shipping email

  • Current location and stage of package in delivery process
  • Recommended products based on a user’s browsing and purchases
  • A current promotion, or limited time offer.
  • Nearest store location to where they are when they open the email.

All these components can be updated each and every time your consumer opens an email. The content can be personalized to the individual user and take into account their current location and even weather when they open the email. 

Deliver an unexpected and delightful experience

Shipping emails are one of your brands most opened emails and the value of delivering the ultimate consumer experience will build loyalty with your customers and make tracking packages a little bit better for everyone. 

Your Opportunity 

Over the next several years we expect live shipping updates in email to become commonplace, but you have the opportunity to be among the early adopters, and seperate your brand experience from the competition while delighting your customers. 


Bonus: Make every email you send an shipping update with a Smart Banner™

Our Smart Banner™ works perfectly as an easy way to add in shipment status to every email. It’s one of our most popular use cases even! You can add a banner into all your promotional emails so that every time a customer opens an email from you, they will see where their package is – no need to hunt down a specific shipment tracking email! If your customer doesn’t have a package in transit, no worries, you can display any number of other use cases, or collapse the banner! 

hat heaven smart banners

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