The Zembula Approach: Personalization for Revenue Optimization

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We’ve been told how to measure success based on engagement, but that’s not the full picture. In fact, it’s not even the thing that matters the most. What really matters is revenue. 

So why have we been told that engagement matters most? Well, most personalization solutions can’t track revenue gain accurately. In an attempt to prove relevance, they’ve determined that engagement is what we should be looking for and that customer experience is worth forking over a ton of money alone! And, while this is sometimes true, and maybe even partially true all the time, wouldn’t it be great to also have revenue improvements as well? We are here to say that you can have both! 

Everything Zembula does is centered around getting you more revenue

We’ve flipped the script and made revenue the main success marker of what we can do. And that’s how it should be! Everything we do at Zembula is centered around revenue improvements. It’s all trackable and repeatable. 

Our Approach is built for revenue optimization

We recommend all our customers start with a minimum of six Smart Banners™ that feature their triggered messages. This is because your triggered messages are some of your most profitable. Our Smart Banners™ increase the visibility of these messages to 100% of your promotional emails. More chances to convert your customers with content that you know works! 

Personalization that increases revenue

Our Smart Banners™ increase revenue by improving visibility of highly converting content, but we take it a step further with the ability to hyper personalize these messages. You can take any of your data sources and plug them into your Smart Banner™ content. This gives you an even more powerful revenue improvement tool. 

Additionally our Campaign Decision Engine, makes sure each and every customer gets the most relevant use case to them in every moment. 

Want to learn more about this? Check out our most recent Z-Talk for more. 

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