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So you are looking to personalize your emails and add some dynamic elements to your marketing campaigns? That has led you to do some research and you’ve probably found Movable Ink as a solution! Well if you’re looking for a solution that is even better, check out what I am about to say next!

Zembula helps you easily personalize marketing content using your data to create dynamic and engaging emails and SMS messages. 

Zembula, like Movable Ink, is a solution that enables marketers to create personalized and dynamic marketing content for their campaigns with their data, APIs, or other sources. Zembula can do pretty much everything Movable Ink can do. The key differentiators are how easy Zembula is to use and our approach to dynamic personalized content. If you’re looking for a Movable Ink alternative that is effective and easy to use, Zembula could be your winning ticket! 

Zembula is easy to use

Our platform is intuitive and built for you, the marketer! You can do anything a Zembula employee can do – there is no hidden functionality! 

Additionally our support team is there when you need them and our onboarding process is smooth and quick! We set up the integrations for you and help you launch the first campaign. Our customers get up and running in just a few weeks! 

Zembula’s Approach to Personalization is Focused on Driving Revenue

Here at Zembula we believe that personalization should be performative instead of just for the sake of it! That’s why we have created a prescription for all our customers to follow that ensures maximum revenue benefit for them! Our approach is centered around our main product/content type, the Smart Banner™. \

A Smart Banner™ is a programmatically served content banner that sits at the top of your email. It can house use cases like abandoned cart, shipment tracking, loyalty information and more! Each recipient will receive a message that is unique to them and it updates in real time. We recommend that you start with six of these banners and place the banner in all your promotional emails. 

Our clients doing this are seeing a 10-17% lift in revenue from every email. 

hat heaven smart banners

I know looking for a solution to personalize your marketing can be a huge task! If you have any questions please reach out! We’d love to give you even more details on how we can be your Movable Ink alternative!

Learn more with a Zembula demo.

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