The Best Movable Ink Alternative

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Personalization is the best way to improve revenue. There’s no question about it. Many marketers are looking to add it to their email marketing for this reason. Movable Ink has positioned itself as a leader in this industry, but is it the best option for you? There might be a better alternative for you. Read below to find out why Zembula is the best Movable Ink alternative.

Zembula is a powerful personalization solution that can be used for email or SMS using your own data. It helps marketers create highly engaging and converting content and it’s the best Movable Ink alternative.

What can you expect from using Zembula?

Our clients see 10-17% increase in revenue from every single email when they use our content.
But don’t take our word for it. Our Client, Thrive Causemetics, has some insights!

Check out the full case study with Thrive Causemetics and see their results! 

How can you use Zembula? 

You can use Zembula anywhere. We recommend starting in email and then branching out to other places like SMS. We even have a prescribed approach that we onboard all our clients with. This is the way to get the quickest and best results. We’ve proven it! 

You start with a pool of Smart Banners™ that feature your triggered messages – think abandoned cart, abandoned browse, etc. Then you insert those banners into all your promotional emails. All the heavy lifting with data connections is done for you and the platform works to select the right message for the right person at every moment.

Our platform is both parts powerful and easy to use. Anything our employees can do you can do too. It’s one of the reasons we made Zembula – to democratize personalized content and empower every marketer to use their data to increase revenue and engagement. If you’re looking for a Movable Ink alternative, you might want to give us a call. Zembula could be your best movable ink alternative! 

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