The Best Loyalty Emails Are Personalized

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Let’s start this off with some data. Check this out:

According to this study, almost 53% of customers will join a loyalty program if asked.

That means there are all sorts of opportunities for your brand to take your loyalty program to new levels

So beyond asking people to join your program, what can you do? There’s one key answer:

Personalize, personalize, personalize. 

The more personalized you can make your loyalty program emails, the better off you will be over the long term. 

Here’s why. 

Customer experience matters

Customer experience is such a key metric today. The reality is it can make or break your business. If you have a great, easy to use, and informative process for moving your customers down the sales funnel, you are in good shape. 

Your customers will trust you more, build up a feeling of loyalty, and then keep buying. A great thing about loyal customers is they tend to buy more often, and their total purchases are larger

And keep in mind, a positive customer experience doesn’t always mean the fastest. It can often mean the smoothest or the most personalized. Taking a little bit extra time to develop a loyalty email campaign strategy that figures out ways to send more personalized emails will eventually pay off. 

Approximately 80% of customers will gradually build loyalty to your brand over time, but only with an effort from you in the form of good experiences, service, advice, and products. So, look at it this way, the more trust and loyalty you actively build with your customers, the more they will reward you with purchases. 

That sounds like something you want to focus on right now and into the future. 

You can help build that loyalty much more effectively by sending personalized emails. 

Ways to personalize your loyalty emails

When it comes to personalization, there are all sorts of fun stuff you can do with your emails. However, all too often, loyalty emails are left out of the equation. 

That’s a mistake; you can personalize your loyalty emails just as you can with your sales, abandoned cart, and delivery emails too.

What you need to do is look at your data. That’s one of the first places to explore. If you look at all the tools you’re using right now, CRM, eCommerce, email service provider, loyalty management, and so on, you’ll find that you’ve got all sorts of insights on your customers. 

You can use this information to find out what they’ve bought, what they’ve browsed, how often they buy, where they live, and when they joined your program. All of this data is super valuable because you can use it to send targeted emails that are personal to your loyalty program members. 

Embracing personalization goes beyond the basics, like sending monthly points updates. You can tie items that they’ve left in their cart to your loyalty emails by highlighting they are only a few purchases or points away from getting something they’ve had their eye on but haven’t bought yet. 

Location-based marketing works here, too, even with loyalty programs. Use your customer’s geolocation and send them personalized birthday and anniversary emails where you give them a free gift or extra points.

You can also use your loyalty emails to segment your customer base too. Take a look at that top 10% of your program members and see where you can go even deeper. Maybe you invite them to exclusive VIP events, or they get access to products or services first, all of those things can help you stand out.

Anywhere you can add even the smallest bit of personalization to your emails, go for it.

So take action

Follow some best practices. Let your customers know about your loyalty program and the cool features and benefits they’ll get from being a member. But, don’t end the conversation there.

Go deeper. Learn what matters to your customers. Work on building a good relationship with them every time you send out an email and see where they respond.

Use that information to keep getting more targeted and personalized with your emails and boost your loyalty program at the same time. You’ll build a customer base that loves your brand and is happy to stick with you for the long-term.


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