Our Favorite List Building Strategies

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Now that you’ve decided to cultivate an email list, you might be wondering… how do I fill my list up with actionable leads?

Luckily, that’s the fun part of email marketing and it requires some creativity, analytical thinking, and digital networking skills. Every marketing department should be spending their resources attempting to build a strong email list full of qualified potential customers and those seeking more information about your brand’s product or service.

Today, we want to cover some of our favorite tactics for building a strong email list. Below we’ll outline the foolproof methods you can use to score more leads while also explaining why these strategies work using some marketing psychology.

1- Leverage other user’s lists

One creative way to get more emails on your marketing list is to offer your services in exchange for a plug on someone else’s already established email list. You can attempt to arrange strategic swaps with well-known marketers or industry professionals, offering to write press releases or giving a month’s free subscription to your service in exchange for a mention on someone’s popular newsletter or a feature in their next blog email alert!

This strategy works because your consumers already have a trust in the person or brand you’re working with. Their endorsement of your content or product goes a long way in building brand trust between you and your new email list members.

2- Utilize Opt-ins on Your Existing Forms

If you’re anything like most marketers, you already have some forms on your webpage. Whether they’re contact forms, registration forms, contest entry forms or sales quote requests, your organization is likely utilizing forms in some way. Simply adding an opt-in checkbox to all your existing forms is a simple way to collect email addresses from users who are clearly already showing interest in your product or service.

When users are willing to fill in form data, it shows they’ve invested in your brand message enough to share their personal information. By offering them a chance to subscribe to your newsletter or email list, you’re giving them back an item with digital value, and ensuring your relationship with the customer will continue. Bonus points if you use interactive content with your form!

3- Host a Contest or Giveaway

A well-executed contest or giveaway can generate outstanding new targeted leads. If you’ve already got a following on social media, even better, but you can still host an amazing contest without one! Ensure you’re offering something of value to your target audience, like a high-value digital asset. Giving away products will attract attention, but also cheapen your contest and dilute the quality of leads you acquire.

This strategy works best in conjunction with interactive campaign techniques that utilize marketing psychology such as Near Miss Theory. When you’re able to build your audience’s excitement about your offer, it’s easy for them to opt-in and share their email address with you.

4- Look For Opportunities to Guest Blog

Among all the strategies guest blogging is one of the most effective content marketing tactics you can use to grow your email list, drive traffic to your website, and increase your visibility. The right guest blogging gig can not only support your SEO efforts, but it can also boost your email marketing and social media stats simultaneously. You can search for a variety of guest blogging platforms online or look into syndicating your existing content.

This strategy is effective because it not only increases your visibility but also drives new web visitors, boosting SEO and providing backlinks for your website. As a strategy, guest blogging is well rounded and flexible because opportunities can be found or created to accomplish almost any marketing goal.

Final Thoughts

The time you spend building your email list is truly one of the most important investments you can make online. Having direct access to your potential customer’s inboxes allows you to foster a long lasting mutual relationship that keeps your brand top of mind when the time to purchase comes.

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