Modular Email + Automation = a Match Made in Heaven

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Email automation has changed the face of email as we know it! Most of it has made our lives as marketers easier. We can do more with fewer people. We can plan ahead and schedule content months in advance. The “set it and forget it” part of our jobs is sometimes the best because it’s so dang easy, in most ways.

There are, however, some new challenges that we have to deal with. With these new tools, it often meant fewer people doing more. You might have a larger job scope, you might have fewer people on your team, you might even have a smaller budget for your marketing department. 

Navigating these challenges and building a successful email automation system is paramount to your company’s success! One way to up your email automation game and beat some of these challenges is to utilize modular email design. 

Modular email design is the answer to your automation prayers. 

Using modular email design means you build your templates with defined areas for specific content. These are called content blocks. We went over some other benefits of modular email design like saving time, and how it makes personalization and segmentation easier. Another way modular email design helps your marketing efforts is by making automation a breeze. 

Types of zembula content block: notification, hero and body content block

Modular email, with Zembula’s platform specifically, makes it easy for you to swap out content in the sections without having to go in and alter code. This makes it easy for you to make changes without spending time on testing. Related to this very crucial benefit of modular email design is your ability to schedule out content that will go within that content block for campaigns to come! 

Zembula allows you to schedule out content within a content block as far out as you can plan. Here are the three main benefits that Zembula helps you cash in on with modular email. 

Schedule different types of content using your same email template. 

Reuse your best email templates over and over again. You can spend more of your time on content creation instead of building new templates from scratch. Scheduling the content out in advance saves you time and using one of your tried and true templates means you know it works without testing! 

Zembula personalized email

Easily add personalization and segment your email messages without building lists on lists

You can totally customize your email each time for each user. This means one user could see something completely different from another all within the same email send. No need to segment and automate for different types of your contacts. They can all get the same email with different content! 

Swap and switch out just one or all content blocks

Do you want to send an email again with updated info or do you want to send an entirely different email? Both are possible using our modular email approach. Use it to send emails in a series with similar content or completely different types of emails easily. Your set and forget strategy has never been so easy! 

Same user opens the same email at a different time

Email automation is a must if you want to get everything done. Marketers are expected to do more and more all the time and that’s where modular email design can help! With modular email and Zembula, you can do more with less and save more time! Want to see how? Let’s chat! 

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