Introducing: Smart Campaigns!

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Okay, let me calm down a minute… but it’s hard because we’ve released something that we think is truly awesome. And we think you’ll agree.

There are now four ways to use your snippets, which we collectively call Smart Campaigns. This means you can manage your content in new ways, you can get more creative with your campaigns, and expand your Zembula experience usage.

Let’s break it down. Here are 4 ways to take your Zembula campaigns to the next level with Smart Campaigns.


  • Schedule different experiences to appear at a specific time. This works great for days of the week deals or campaigns with deals that evolve over time.


  • The heavy lifting required to maintain a sweepstakes campaign is already done for you when you select this option. Set your own win probabilities in our platform. This makes it easy to gamify your contests with reveal marketing!


  • Keep your set-and-forget content fresh with the rotational option. Your visitors will be served a new experience each time they visit. More reason for them to keep coming back!

A/B test

  • Learn more from every campaign with A/B testing. Discover your audience’s preferences and optimize future campaigns!
We told you it was good. Ready to start your Smart Campaign? Get on that free trial!