How to Use Interactive Content for Customer Acquisition

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Interactive content has been known to convert 70% of the time while static content has shown it converts a measly 30% of the time. So if you’ve been waiting for the secret trick to growing your email list, here it is – interactive content.

Need some ideas to get you started? I have one for you. The best part is that it takes very little time to execute and can get you up to 3x the emails.

I bet you’ve seen a scroll box before. You know, the thing that slides into your view when you scroll down to a certain point on a website. Usually, this is just a different take on your typical pop-up, either asking you to sign up for a newsletter or offering you free shipping on your next order.

interactive content for customer acquisition

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While these types of scroll boxes are wildly popular, there is a way you can find more success, and stand out from your competitors that are using similar means to grow their email lists. All you have to do is combine the ease of use, and unobtrusiveness the scroll box has to offer with the insane conversion benefits of interactive content, and specifically reveal marketing. With the release of our two newest features, the Slide-In and customer acquisition, it is a perfect time to talk about the benefits of using interactive content for customer acquisition in a Slide-in to grow your email list.

interactive content for customer acquisition

Typical scroll boxes are static and just slide in when you get to a certain spot on the page. They are great tools for gathering email addresses, and many consumers find them less annoying than a full-blown pop-up. Still, for many of us, our knee-jerk reaction is just to minimize them. But what if that scroll box really caught your attention. If the scroll box asked you a question or had an animation on it, you would probably at least pause for a moment to see what was up.

Your customer will do the same. By using interactive content for customer acquisition in the scroll box you will catch the viewer’s eye with motion and because you are doing something unexpected you will pique their interest. Once you have their attention, now it is time to use reveal marketing to hold it. You do this by calling on psychological principles like curiosity or FOMO that drive action. For instance, if you are offering a small discount for signing up for a newsletter, you could say, “Get all the updates and a special gift.” Viewers won’t be able to resist interacting with your experience to find out what the gift is!

interactive content for customer acquisition

Reveal content is also great at encouraging follow through. Due to the endowment effect, that states people feel more ownership in an offer they had a part, visitors that have interacted with your offer, will be more likely to enter their email address and even take advantage of your discount or whatever else you give them.

If you are looking to grow your list size, especially if you already use a scroll box to do so, why not try adding reveal marketing into the mix. It could mean 3x the email addresses and 3x the conversions. We would love to help you come up with some ideas.

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