How To Personalize Loyalty Program Emails

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Think you don’t need to do anything to personalize your loyalty program emails?

Think again. 

Just as you want to personalize your abandoned cart and order confirmation emails, don’t leave your loyalty emails behind. 

Loyalty emails are a great place to add more personalization. Why? Because you’ve already got their attention. 

Check out some of these facts:

  • Loyalty program emails perform better than regular marketing emails
  • New loyalty program members who are also first-time customers spend upward of 40% more than new customers who aren’t members

That sounds pretty good. Now, check out where brand are dropping the ball when it comes to loyalty emails:

  • 85% of brands never send another email after a customer signs up for a loyalty program
  • 53% of companies focus on personalizing customer loyalty


Those last two stats are not good, but it shows you that there plenty of opportunities to attract and engage your loyalty program members with good email marketing strategies. 

Here’s what you can do to personalize your loyalty program emails and start winning more happy customers.

Use data to get hyper-personal

Before you jump into personalizing, think about exactly what you want to customize in your emails. To do that, turn to the data you have on hand

You can use your e-commerce platform, browsing history, and email service provider (ESP) to gather all sorts of information. Once you have it, use it to your advantage.

When you send out your emails, you can personalize them by past purchases or browsing history. What email do you think is going to be more impactful for the customer, one that highlights how they can spend their ‘reward bucks’ on a product they’ve already had their eye on or some generic email with no personalization?

An email like this that ties points directly to products that the customer has already shown interest in can tilt the buying decision in their favor. 

Let them know how many points they have

Let’s face it; your customers have a lot going on in their lives. Keeping a day by day update of exactly how many rewards points they have is probably not high on the list of priorities.

Here’s where you can come in, lend a hand, and keep them interested

Your loyalty platform can give you all sorts of data on how many points your customers have accumulated and how far away they are from the next tier or free item. So, include that in your next email to them. 

Check out this example from Dominos.

It’s a typical marketing email, but they make sure to personalize it with loyalty information right at the top. It’s the first thing the customer is going to see. And if you get that email and know you might only be one purchase away from a free pizza, well that might grab your attention–especially if it’s dinnertime.

Target their neighborhoods

Remember all that customer data you have right at your fingertips? Well, all you need is a zip code to start getting really personal. 

You can use geolocation data to break your loyalty program into even smaller segments. Let’s say you’ve got stores across the state, but one is having a special sale. Since you know which loyalty program customers live near that store, you can send them a batch email that motivates them to come in and shop. 

Maybe they get double the reward points if they pop in and buy something over the weekend. This sort of email is a win-win for retailers; it can help you move some sale items that were taking up space, and get your customers feeling like VIPs.

Ready to give it a shot?

These are just a handful of examples you can use to start adding more personalization to loyalty program emails. The key is to understand that it’s possible to personalize these types of emails and know where to look to find the data you need. 

Once you have that, the sky’s the limit. You can create, send, and test all sorts of loyalty program emails and see what gives you the best bang for your buck and makes your customers happy.

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