How to make your package tracking emails stand out!

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Here’s how a lot of online shopping goes down these days. 

You buy something, let’s say a pair of sneakers. You get your order confirmation email, which often also includes a note to watch out for your shipping notification.

Then, (hopefully) a day or two later, you get your beloved package tracking email. 

Now, let’s say another three or four days go by, and you start thinking, where are those sneakers? Didn’t I get 3-day delivery?

So you try to search your inbox and find that package tracking email. Ok, there it is, you open it up, and to figure out where your sneakers are, you have to click back over to the website. 

There, you’re left with two options, login and get your info or go back to your email and get your order number. Since you checked out as a guest, it’s back to the email again. You copy the order number, your email address into the form, and click. 


And, it turns out your package is delayed, sorry. You’ll get some other email when it finally is back on track, so keep an eye on your inbox!

Sound familiar?

For many consumers, this is how package tracking often works. 

There is a better way. 

Stay in touch with better information

The fact of the matter is, your customers care about where their stuff is and when they’re going to get it. 

That’s one of the reasons why package tracking emails tend to have a much higher open rate compared to other kinds of email campaigns. After all, knowing when your sneakers are going to arrive at your door is important to you.

The brands who realize that are those that are focusing on better communication; more personalized emails more often. 

Here’s an example:

This package tracking email is filled with tons of great stuff your customers will love. 

First, it’s got all the tracking information you need; the estimated arrival date, the days and times the package moved, and even a space to let you know when it’s out for delivery. 

Plus, this email also highlights what you’ve bought, too, confirming again exactly what’s coming. Emails like this can also include your shipping address and even give an overview of pricing and how you paid. 

In this way, the package tracking email does a lot more; it acts as a receipt, too, giving customers one place to find all the information they need.

Use real-time data

Once you’ve got everything above in place, better communication and more information for your customers. You can take it a step further and include real-time moment-of-open tracking information in your email.

In this case, your customer’s package-tracking email will update automatically in real-time the second they open it. So going back to the email above, here’s how it would work. 

Let’s say on Monday at 7 pm; the package was shipped out to the sorting facility. If your customer opened their email on Monday at 7:45 pm, they’d see that update. When the package is out for delivery, the email gets updated when your customer opens it again. 

So they see when they open it on Tuesday that the package is on its way. They don’t have to go back into their inbox search for the order confirmation number, and they don’t have to go out of their email to your site or a third-party tracking page either. 

The information is right there. The second your customer opens their email; they see the most up to date information on where their order is. 

Email notification bars

Another cool way to always keep your customers in the loop when it comes to their package tracking is to use email notification bars

With these, you can add package tracking information to the top of any email you send to your customers; a sale email, loyalty point update, you name it.

This way, with every email you send, your customer is going to get updated information on their package and how they can track it. Plus, it also makes things really easy for them; they aren’t chasing town order or tracking numbers.

It’s just another way for you to stay top of mind, offering valuable personalized information in every email you send.

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