How Modular Email Makes Your Life Easier

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Coding email templates is not my favorite task. And I have a feeling many marketers would share this with me. Creating an HTML email template is tedious and time-consuming. Just one little mistake can make your whole template fail! 

When you are done coding the work isn’t over either. Then you need to test your email to make sure it is bulletproof across all devices and browsers. It’s not an easy task, and it has to be repeated every single time you touch your email code. It can be a little discouraging to change up your content too much for fear of messing up your template. But email is meant to be cutting edge and sometimes fun. Being bogged down with testing is holding you back from reaching your email potential. 

We over here at Zembula know how cumbersome this is from experience! That’s why we created our solution and based it off a modular email approach. Our mission is to make sophisticated, real-time email accessible and easy to accomplish and that is baked into our platform! 

You probably already know the idea behind modular email. Modular email is a design theory used in email to help content creation remain easy. Basically, you have defined sections or content blocks that can be changed between each send to have new content within them. Usually, this means the person creating the email is still having to code new email content within each block, but it is certainly faster than starting from scratch. Zembula takes it a step further than this. 

Our modular approach allows you to create content blocks that are snippets of code. You paste these snippets of code into your email one time and then you can swap out the content from our platform. You never have to touch the code again. That means no more rigorous testing for each send. 

This is just the first blog post in a series about our approach to modular email, but here are some of the top benefits at a glance. 

Benefits of modular email with Zembula: 

  • You never have to touch your HTML. No more HTML testing every time you send. 
  • Easier to swap and schedule content. Automation is a breeze. 
  • Because our content updates at the moment of open for each user, you don’t need to segment your lists. 

Email marketing can be so much easier if you have the right tools on your side. Zembula can help you streamline your email efforts and give you back your marketing autonomy. Like what you see? Click here to check out our pricing!

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