How Effective is SMS Marketing?

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It’s pretty clear to anyone paying attention that today’s consumers spend as much or more time on their phones than any other place, including email. Text messages have become the preeminent means of communication.

That’s why SMS marketing in 2023 is as critical as anything else you could be doing. And it’s also why doing it well will yield bottom-line results.

Don’t make your customers come to you. Instead, bring your messaging directly to them.

The best way to do that is by reaching your customers where they spend most of their time — on their phones. After all, consumers themselves send more than four times more text messages using their phones than they do emails.

Highlighting the Importance of SMS Marketing

With Zembula, you can use your data to create sophisticated, personalized, and even animated SMS messages.

Don’t just send boring text messages like everyone else. Bring your messages to life! Tell a story. Engage with your customers. Personalized, animated text messages — made easy with Zembula — help you stand out.

Consider these 10 facts about the effectiveness of SMS marketing:

Identifying Opportunities to Enhance Your SMS Outreach

Marketers often get stuck in thinking that creating an effective SMS strategy is complicated. It’s not. In fact, with Zembula, it’s downright easy.

Let’s look at just a handful of the ways that you could be personalizing more, which is the key to effective text messaging.

  • Stop sending generic promotions. Achieve deep personalization by combining your data with your SMS strategy. Think of everything you can learn from something like browser history or cart abandonment data.
  • Personalize your loyalty updates. SMS is a great channel for engaging with your loyalty program customers. Send personalized updates, special offers, program benefits, and enrollment opportunities.
  • Show, don’t tell. Don’t be content with filling your SMS messages with a block of text or static image. Instead, use animated graphs to draw attention and drive action on practically anything from loyalty points to financial data.
  • Post-purchase engagement. After your customer completes a transaction or receives a product or service from your company, engage them. Ask for things like a rating or review.
  • Shipment tracking. If you’re already using SMS to alert customers of the status of their orders, then you’re ahead of the curve. But if you add personalized animation and some creativity to the mix, you can turn this into a real sales opportunity.

The Best News: It’s Not Hard To Get Started!

If you work with Zembula, you’ll be arming yourself with a secret weapon all but guaranteed to help you win consumer attention. We’ll help you harness your data to use it to maximum advantage.

SMS marketing done right can be unbelievably effective. It may feel overwhelming, but we have solutions to make it easy to add to your existing campaign or to spin up a new one.

Let’s work together!

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