Grow Your Practice by Adding Ratings and Reviews to Your Demandforce Campaigns

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Running your practice has many challenges. You need to give the proper care to your patients while staying on top of all the administrative duties. Unfortunately, this often leaves very little time to communicate with your patients consistently, which is a missed opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them and grow your practice. 

Demandforce is relationship management software that specializes in helping medical practices build effective communication channels with their patients. The main takeaway is that by being proactive in your communications and going beyond simple transactional emails, you can increase the number of patients you work with. 

Zembula complements the email capabilities you have available with Demandforce’s email marketing by adding a series of tools that give you new ways of engaging with your subscribers. 

One of the tools included in Zembula is the ratings and reviews content block.

Demandforce ESP

Ratings and Reviews Help You Maintain Your Patient’s Trust in Your Practice

Ratings and reviews are powerful tools for keeping patients engaged with your practice for a long time. They help show your patients they made the right decision to work with you. Ratings and reviews are a transparent way of letting your patients know that other people, just like them, got their desired outcome by working with you. 

When you add Zembula to your Demandforce software, you can add ratings and reviews to your email campaigns so that you can increase the visibility of this powerful content. 

Our ratings and reviews content block can be integrated with your customer data so that you can personalize what content you want them to see. 

Add Powerful New Functionality Without the Hassle of Complex Integrations

Adding new functionality to your Demandforce software with Zembula is straightforward. Copy-paste a few lines of code to the body of your email, and you can start creating emails with all of Zembula’s content blocks at your disposal. 

Zembula was designed so that it could adapt to your workflow. The user interface will be immediately familiar with what you use on Demandforce, so there will be no learning curve involved. 

Click here to schedule a call with our team of email experts to go over all the different ways in which adding Zembula to your email communications will help grow your practice.

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